The Center for Midstream Management and Science ("Midstream Center" or "Center") was established and funded by the Texas legislature in late 2019 and serves as a bridge between Lamar University and the midstream industry, which provides oil, NGL, and gas transportation, gas processing, NGL fractionation, terminal, LNG, and storage services. Lamar University is located in Beaumont, Texas in the middle of one of the largest and most important transportation, storage, refining, and petrochemical complexes in the world and has been graduating as many as 300 engineers each year in service of this huge industry for generations.

The Midstream Center is the only academic organization focused solely on the midstream industry. Its general mission is to work in partnership with the midstream industry with the objective of identifying and solving industry operational problems and advancing technologies impacting the midstream sector.


An assessment of faculty strengths and interests, in combination with guidance from the Center's Industry Advisory Board, led to a Midstream Center focus on specific research areas, including: (i) leak detection and monitoring, (ii) big data, AI applications, and predictive maintenance, (iii) corrosion detection and monitoring, and (iv) resilience and reliability. 

Since our formation in September 2019, we have funded 29 internal midstream-centric applied research projects totaling $898,000.


The Center has multiple educational objectives, including:
  • Improving student readiness to join the midstream industry
  • Enhancing faculty knowledge and understanding of the midstream industry and its needs
  • Acting as a promoter and clearing house for technological advances impacting the midstream sector

In partnership with faculty, the Center has been developing midstream focused, one week course modules that are inserted into undergraduate and graduate courses to highlight relevance of coursework in the midstream industry. To learn more about the Course Module Development and Implementation Project, click here.

The Midstream Center regularly organizes panel discussions, field visits and educational events for faculty and students to enhance and bridge understanding between faculty, students, and industry.