Midstream Center Objectives

The Midstream Center has multiple educational objectives, including:

  • Improving engineering student readiness to join the midstream industry
  • Enhancing engineering faculty knowledge and understanding of the midstream industry and its needs
  • Acting as a promoter and clearing house for technological advances impacting the midstream sector

Midstream Course Modules

The Center is developing midstream focused course modules and a Midstream Certificate designed to enhance the value of LU engineering graduates to the midstream industry. The midstream focused modules are expected to be inserted into ten to 16 courses included in the various engineering disciplines offered by Lamar University beginning in the Spring 2021 semester.

The Center for Midstream Management and Science is soliciting course modules on technical issues pertinent to the midstream industry. These course modules will be seamlessly integrated into existing curriculum. This Midstream Center initiative will fund development and implementation of around 16 course modules in 16 classes during academic year 2020-2021. To submit the application package, please click the “APPLY” button. The application deadline for project implementation in Spring 2021 is December 4, 2020. The deadline for project implementation in Summer 2021 is May 21, 2021.

Course Module Development and Implementation Project

Detailed Description of Module Program

Panel Discussions and Events

Finally, the Midstream Center regularly hosts panel discussions and other events designed to highlight and discuss topical midstream issues affecting the midstream sector.