Faculty Mentors

How to Apply

Faculty Mentors are an integral part of the Lamar University McNair Scholars Program. They are key to successful research projects and and guiding scholars into a graduate program.

Being a faculty mentor to a McNair Scholar is an opportunity to make a difference in success and personal accomplishment. The McNair Scholar Program places exceptional responsibility upon its mentors as positive role models for scholars.

The program relies upon faculty to not only guide mentees in research, but in their professional development as aspiring young scholars as well.

The McNair Scholars Program appreciates mentors for their valued contribution and considerable time and effort spend working with its scholars.

Importance of Faculty Mentors

  • Broaden horizons
  • Show the whole picture
  • Help scholars shift mental context
  • Share coping skills for managing stress of change
  • Give access to professional community
  • Empower others

Expectations of Faculty Mentors

  • Help formulate a research problem
  • Help develop a literature review
  • Help develop a proposal
  • Help formulate goals and objectives
  • Assist with conduction research and interpreting outcomes
  • Exam potential graduate programs
  • Meet weekly during summer internship
  • Be present for oral defense in October
  • Be present for symposium in November
  • Be present for annual banquet in December
  • Promotion so McNair to potential scholars