Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as the university’s chief academic officer, exercising broad academic leadership and having administrative responsibility for academic personnel, program, facilities, and services. Additional responsibilities include planning, development, evaluation, policy initiation and implementation, and budgeting within the Division of Academic Affairs. The Provost serves as the chief executive officer in the absence of the President. In particular, it is the Provost’s responsibility to:

  • Provide leadership at the undergraduate and graduate levels in curriculum development and review, establishment and enforcement of academic standards, and the development and implementation of academic policies and procedures;
  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and academic staff;
  • Promote undergraduate research, participation in cooperative education and internship opportunities, and study abroad;
  • Encourage and model ethical behavior and conduct; and
  • In collaboration with administrators and faculty colleagues, develop and implement planning and budgeting strategies which support the educational mission of the university.

The Vice Provost for Digital Learning assists the Provost in these duties and represents the Provost in his absence.

Sign Language Classroom

Dr. Brett Welch
Acting Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
ph: 409-880-8398
Office: 319 Wayne A. Reaud

Dr. Samuel Jator
Senior Associate Provost
ph: 409-880-8400
Office: 310 Wayne A. Reaud
Dr. Gene Theodori
Associate Provost
ph: 409-880-7848
Office: 307A Wayne A. Reaud

Dr. Brett Welch
Vice Provost for Digital Learning
ph: 409-880-1721
Office: 319 Wayne A. Reaud