Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that is already reshaping the landscape of higher education, from teaching and research to academic honesty. It is imperative that we stay ahead of the curve, which is why Lamar University and CTLE want to ensure that our faculty is well informed about the scope and use of this new technology.

So What Is AI?

From machine learning to natural language processing, the term Artificial Intelligence encompasses a wide range of new technology that is currently taking the world by storm. It uses pre-existing data in the form of algorithms to generate content, recognize patterns and speech, and to even learn.

Currently, Generative AI is the new technology that is most relevant to higher education, capable of absorbing substantial datasets to imitate and generate various forms of content like text, images, and beyond.

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The University advocates for responsible exploration of Generative AI tools. However, users must be mindful of critical factors, including information security, data privacy, adherence to compliance standards, respect for copyright regulations, and upholding academic integrity.

Learn more with our Generative AI Guidelines.

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