A Faculty Guide to Artificial Intelligence

The Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement is excited to introduce, Promoting Authenticity of Student Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: A Faculty Guide. This guide is designed to provide you with insights into the intersection of education and AI, specifically addressing the authenticity of student work.

The guide covers essential AI terms, explores positive ways to integrate AI in higher education, addresses concerns about academic integrity, suggests ways to promote authentic student responses in assignments, and provides 100+ example assignments to promote human input. It also provides examples of incorporating AI thoughtfully in faculty workflow (including possible prompts for ChatGPT or similar) and offers resources for navigating the broader AI landscape.

Please note that this guide is intended only as a resource to enhance your understanding of how AI can impact student work and assessment. It is not intended to imply any new policies or procedures at this institution. Also, it is not an exhaustive or final guide on the topic. With the rapid changes we are seeing in artificial intelligence, it is imperative that we as faculty keep ourselves abreast of these topics. We encourage you to continue using your best judgment and adhere to university, state, federal, and accreditation requirements when incorporating AI or any technological tools into your teaching and assessment practices. We further encourage you to use the resources (both in the guide and in the academic community) to stay ahead of the learning curve as AI continues to evolve.

We hope you find the guide valuable in navigating the evolving landscape of education and technology. Thank you for your dedication to fostering a supportive and innovative learning environment at Lamar University.