International Student Employment

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 For students seeking simple on-campus employment during their period of study
For students seeking to partake in employment that is integral to their study
For students seeking temporary employment directly related to their academic program
For qualifying STEM degree recipients who wish to extend their OPT allowance
For students seeking information to refine or expand their understanding of employment benefits and responsibilities.

General Information Regarding Employment of F and J Visa Holders

F and J Visa holders may be able to seek employment (also referred to as "training") during and after their studies with Lamar University. The Office on International Education and Services strives to provide all interested students with the information and resources they need to determine what options are available. To that end, we must ask that students carefully review any and all information published and available using the links above.

The U.S. government takes working illegally very seriously. These pages will help you learn the basics of the obtaining authorization to lawfully work. As your F / J visa's primary purpose is to allow you to study inside the US, all students are required to maintain good academic standing to qualify for these employment benefits under those visa statuses. US rules and regulations require school DSOs to report any student's unauthorized employment and Terminate their SEVIS record, requiring the student to leave the US with the possibility of being unable to return.

For those who still have questions regarding employment benefits or restrictions that may not have been answered, please contact us at either or You can also schedule an appointment with a DSO / International Advisor through the Setmore webpage here.

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