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A celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Dishman Art Museum and the Centennial of Lamar University 

Jan. 21–March 4, 2023 

Maudee Carron and Lynn Sweat


The Dishman Art Museum and The Art Studio, Inc. celebrated their 40th anniversaries in 2023 with an exciting collaborative exhibition of artwork by Maudee Carron (1912-1996) and Lynn Sweat (b. 1934), two innovative artists who were best friends and had strong ties to the Dishman and The Art Studio throughout their careers.

Jan. 21–March 4, 2023 

Le Grand Bal Silent Auction Preview 


March 20-24, 2023  

Protégé 2023: A Competition and Exhibition for High School Seniors 


(Image: Winner 2022, Painting by Emma Hill)

Organized by the Art Museum of Southeast Texas 

April 11-15, 2023 

Lamar University Department of Art and Design: Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition 

April 28–May 13, 2023.  

After School Special: The Lamar University Fifth Annual Juried Alumni Art Exhibition 


June 17–Aug. 5, 2023 

Department of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition 

Aug. 21-Sept. 8, 2023 

(Image: Liz Hickok. Incident, 2015)

Crystal Realities to Artificial Intelligence: Multidisciplinary Explorations in Photography

Linda Alterwitz, Dornith Doherty, Rashed Haq and Liz Hickok
FotoFest participating space

Sept. 24-Nov. 12, 2022

Keith Carter, Crossing (2019)
(Image: Keith Carter. Crossing.)

Ghostlight: Keith Carter

FotoFest participating space

Sept. 24-Nov.12, 2022

Department of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition

Aug. 13-Sept. 10, 2022

After School Special: The Lamar University Fourth Annual Juried Alumni Art Exhibition

First Floor Gallery
June 25-July 30, 2022

Bounce Back: Artmaking and Resiliency 

Secondary/Post-Secondary Art Educator Exhibition
Second Floor Gallery
July 19-Aug. 6, 2022


Steve Hodges: Interference Pattern

Steve Hodges: Interference Patterns

July 2-July 13, 2022

 The Awakening Conscience

Mayuko Ono Gray and Mark Greenwalt: Cohabitation 2022

Jan. 22-March 5, 2022 

Looking Through; Arcade Wall

Charles Kanwischer: Drawings

Jan. 22-March 5, 2022


War Room

Julie Speed: East of the Sun and West of the Moon

September 25-November 13, 2021

Department of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition

August 14-September 11, 2021

Linnis Blanton: Connecting Heaven and Earth

June 12-July 31, 2021

Jogn Alexandrer Coronation of the Kingfish

Time Passes Slowly (When You're Lost in a Dream): Highlights from the Dishman's Permanent Collection

Jan. 23-April 3, 2021

Solstice: A Winter Pop-Up Exhibition Featuring Beaumont Area High School Student Artwork

Jan. 23-Feb. 20, 2021

Compendium: An Art Educator Exhibitionfrom the Greater Beaumont Region

March 6-April 3, 2021

After School Special: The Lamar University Third Juried Alumni
Art Exhibition 

View After School Special

Russian Art/Soviet Design

Oct. 3-Nov. 21, 2020​

The concept behind this exhibition was to contrast two periods of 20th-century Russian art, Russian Imperial art, including the white diaspora, with the advent of the Soviet regime after the October Revolution and the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. 

Previous traditional expressions of fine arts included icons, paintings, sculpture and drawing. This art, generally hand-made and one of a kind, was rejected by the Bolshevik regime and Lenin in favor of a non-elitist production of "art for the masses" which took the form of design as opposed to fine arts.

Confined Creativity

Confined Creativity: Lamar UniversityStudent Works on Paper During the Pandemic

Nov. 5-28, 2020 (Pop-Up Show)