Permanent Collection

The Dishman Art Museum serves as steward to several different collections within its overarching permanent collection. Overall, the permanent collection of the Dishman is comprised of more than 1500 objects.

The Eisenstadt Collection of Academic Painting and Decorative Arts comprises the largest portion of the collection and serves as keystone to the permanent collections.

Two Named Collections of Non-Western Art and Artifacts

The permanent collection also has two named collections of non-Western art and artifacts, the Nicklos Collection and the Petrutsas Collection, while several unique non-Western objects reside in the core permanent collection.

Modern and Contemporary Art

The remainder of the permanent collection focuses on modern and contemporary art acquired through both donation and capital acquisition, such as the work by contemporary artist Joan Steinman, pictured here.

The Dishman also houses the complete Maudee Carron Papers and the Jerry Newman Papers, two artists significant to the historical fabric of Lamar University and the Golden Triangle region.

The Eisenstadt Collection is on permanent display inside the museum, while our wonderful Charles Umlauf public sculpture Icarus (1965), pictured here, graces the museum's front garden.

Additional Location Display

There are works from the Permanent Collection displayed in the president's office, the Mary and John Gray Library, the Herman Iles Building at the John Gray Center Complex, and the president’s home.


Umlauf's Icarus