First 30 Days

Complete New Hire Training

Establish yourself as an employee by completing these tasks in your first 30 days with Lamar University.

Visit LU Connect, click Faculty/Staff, and scroll to the Training Nest icon to access New Hire Training. This training must be completed within the first 30 days of employment. (Hint: Visit Employee Training and Development for information about the university’s training program, helpful user guides, how-to videos and more.)

Enter Your Work Hours or Complete Your Leave Report

Use Self-Service Banner’s time entry feature to enter your work hours and complete leave reports. For assistance, review Accessing Self-Service Banner (PDF) and Web Time Entry (PDF)

Complete Benefits Enrollment Information

Visit to enroll in the coverage options best for you. You may contact the benefits team at 409-880-8375 with any questions. Failure to complete benefits enrollment within the 31 day period will result in loss of coverage options until the annual open enrollment period. See benefits enrollment for more additional information.

Enroll in ERS Benefits Online

Create your online ERS account by viewing the How to Register my ERS Benefits Account (PDF) guide.

Read Your Paycheck

Learn how to read your Lamar University paycheck with our guide Understanding Your Pay Stub (PDF).

Review Your Pay Schedule

Review Monthly Payroll Dates (PDF) or Bi-Weekly Payroll Dates (PDF) so you can budget efficiently.

Review Payroll Policies and Procedures

Familiarize yourself with Payroll policies and procedures by visiting the Payroll Department