Student Information

Academic Grievances

  1. The inital step in the normal procedure should be for the aggrieved party (henceforth referred to as student), to discuss the issue with the offending party (henceforth referrred to as instructor).
  2. If the issue is not resolved satisfactorily, the student's second step should be to consult with the instructor's Department Chair.
  3. If the Department Chair cannot resolve the issue satisfactorily, the matter should be reffered to the Dean, who may convene the College's Student-Faculty Relations Committee. The grievance procedure should be initiated within ten working days of the alleged offense.




Office of the Sr. Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

The Senior Associate Provost is part of the leadership team for academic affairs and assists the Provost, and other Associate Provosts, in the operation of the Office of the Provost. Areas of responsibility include assisting with personnel issues; engaging in the development and administration of policies; assisting areas under the Provost in managing, administering, and leading their units; and ensuring that quality educational services are being delivered in accordance with faculty policy and federal and state legislation. The Senior Associate Provost works in all ways to ensure that quality educational programs are provided to students and investigates and develops resolutions to student academic complaints.

The Senior Associate Provost works closely with Academic Affairs leadership to provide guidance over academic curriculum processes, the QEP, assessment and accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, university policies and procedures, international student services, increase student success, and improving the institution's access to real-time data that is used in planning and decision-making processes.


Dr. Samuel Jator joined Lamar University as the Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs on October 1, 2022. Prior to his current role, Dr. Jator served as a professor of mathematics and chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Austin Peay State University (APSU) for nearly a decade. Dr. Jator holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics with a specialty in numerical analysis and an M.B.A with a concentration in accounting. He earned both an M.S. degree in mathematics and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Ilorin in Ilorin, Nigeria. During his time at APSU, he served as the co-chair of the APSU QEP Assessment Committee and positively contributed to APSU’s QEP Impact Report Evaluation. He led 24 full-time faculty members and 27 adjunct faculty members while promoting departmental funding and striving to improve student achievement, retention, advising, and recruiting. Additionally, he was the primary dissertation supervisor for a number of PhD-awarded doctoral students. Dr. Jator has published more than 85 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and received more than $1 million in funding, all of which has been spent primarily to support the academic achievement of students.