Clayton Jeffryes, Ph.D.

Recent Publications

  • Dahoumane, S.A. (Co-Corresponding Author), Mechouet, M., Wijesekera, K., Filipe, C.D.M., Sicard, C., Bazylinski, D.A., Jeffryes, C. (Co-Corresponding Author) "Algae-mediated biosynthesis of inorganic nanomaterials as a promising route in nanobiotechnolgy - a review." Green Chemistry19, 552-587 (2017).
  • Gautam, S., Kashyap, M., Gupta, S., Kumar, V., Schoefs, B., Gordon, R., Jeffryes, C., Joshi, K.B., Vinayak, V. “Metabolic engineering of TiO2 nanoparticles in Nitzschia palea to form diatom nanotubes: an ingredient for solar cells to produce electricity and biofuel.” RCS Advances6, 97276-97284 (2016).
  • Dahoumane, S.A., Wujcik, E.K., Jeffryes, C. (Corresponding Author) “Noble metal, oxide and chalcogenide-based nanomaterials from scalable phototrophic culture systems.” Enzyme and Microbial Technology. 95, 13-27 (2016).
  • Grama, B.S., Agathos, S., Jeffryes, C. (Corresponding Author) “Balancing photosynthesis and respiration increases microalgal biomass productivity during photoheterotrophy on glycerol.” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 4(3), 1611-1618 (2016).
  • Pérez-López, P., Jeffryes, C., Agathos, S.N., Feijoo, G., Rorrer, G., Moreira, M.T. Environmental life cycle optimization of essential terpene oils by the macroalga Octodes secundiramea.” Science of the Total Environment. 542, 292-305 (2016).
  • Jeffryes, C., Severi, V., Delhaye, A., Urbain, B., Grama, B.S., Agathos, S., “Energy conversion in a novel, internally illuminated annular-plate airlift photobioreactor.” Engineering in Life Sciences. 16(4), 348-354 (2016).


  • Ph.D. (Ch.E.), Oregon State University
  • M.S. (Ch.E.), Oregon State University
  • B.S.(Bio E.), Oregon State University

Awards & Honors