Accelerated Master's Program

If you plan to pursue graduate studies in chemical engineering, Our Accelerated M.E./MES (aka 4+1) can help you take the lead.

This program is open to qualified students looking to continue their education at the graduate level immediately upon completion of a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from Lamar University. With Accelerated M.E./MES, you can complete both the Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering (or Master of Engineering Science) degrees within five years.

Accepted students can take up to six graduate credit hours, up to six of which can be applied to both their bachelor’s and master's degrees. Up to six credit hours of graduate coursework can be replaced by up to two thesis courses (for the MES option).

All requirements for the regular M.E./MES programs established by the department shall be applied to the Accelerated M.E./MES program as well. The M.E./MES degree shall be awarded based upon existing requirements for the M.E./MES degree.


  • Participate earlier in graduate studies
  • Identify research opportunities in your chosen discipline sooner
  • Reduce the total credit hours for M.E./MES degree by one or two courses

Eligibility and Application

Interested students should inform their department advisors and chair regarding their interest in the program while being at the junior level. Minimum eligibility requirements are:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0, while at LU
  • Completion of approved graduate-level senior elective course(s)
  • Commitment to graduate studies at Lamar University

Graduate Courses Taken as an Undergraduate

The graduate courses must be selected from the 5000-level offerings approved by the majoring department graduate adviser/coordinator or department chair for both the undergraduate and the graduate degree.

Students should be advised regarding the requirements for the Accelerated M.E./MES program by the department prior to enrollment in the graduate courses.

Contact your department’s undergraduate coordinator for more details on the program.