Student Summer Coding Camps

The future is Code! From social media, to self-driving cars, to entertainment, to apps — computer code is the foundation of innovations that enrich the human experience and empower our lives. Coding is an important literacy skill of today and tomorrow. Just as reading and mathematics are critical skills, coding is also important for success in our increasingly technical society. Whether streaming a television show, using a computer to write a paper, sending a text, or repairing your car, technology is involved in all of those activities. And, coding is what makes the technology work.

In order to prepare our students for futures where technology have a prominent and immersive role, we must help them be able to read, understand, write, and apply code in relevant ways. Through the acquisition and development of coding literacy, students will create their own apps, invent new technologies, and be better equipped for the jobs of tomorrow.

Through coding activities, students also learn necessary skills of collaboration and communication. Skills such as design thinking, project and challenge based learning, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation are necessary for today’s jobs and those of the future.

Finally, through coding, students learn to follow their passions — implementing projects, developing apps, and using devices in authentic, relevant, and real–world settings. Coding gives students purposeful learning opportunities that are meaningful, engaging, and fun

Code is also for all. It should not be limited to the privileged few. We believe code can empower individuals, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, and economic position. That’s why we provide the same learning opportunities to teachers and students throughout the world.

Summer Camp Registration

Student Summer Coding Camps are unique programs that provide fun and relevant learning for students that help them read, understand, write, and apply code in relevant ways. 

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