What We Do

The Center for Educational Innovation and Digital Learning works to advance the application and impact of digital learning and to infuse digital education in both the K-12 and post-secondary environment.  The Center works closely with a community of scholars, educational administrators, entrepreneurs, government officials, and corporations dedicated to sharing advancements in the field, promoting dialogue and establishing virtual communities to advance the digital learning field and its implementation.

Why We Do It

Overwhelming research supports the need for change in education at all levels.  This compelling evidence calls for a new orientation among those in educational leadership roles ranging from preschool through post-secondary.  This orientation must assist education leaders to thoughtfully evaluate and, where appropriate, lead change.  Nowhere is the reality of the opportunity for change more evident than in the instance of the implementation and integration of digital learning technologies.  These digital technologies have tremendous potential to assist many educational institutions in addressing rapidly escalating costs; ongoing concerns about curriculum quality, student command of material/demonstrated competencies, escalating needs for job readiness and lifelong learning; and the documented evidence of student disconnection from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) engagement during the K-6th grade education journey. Yet in many educational institutions, leadership continues to struggle with the implementation of digital systems that address these important issues.

Research-based evidence clearly indicates that the integration of digital learning pedagogies in both face-to-face and distant learning instruction allows for instructional methodologies that are more effective in student learning than instruction using traditional methods.