Lamar University

Austin ISD Student Summer Coding Camps

Austin ISD Student Summer Coding Camps are unique programs that provide fun and relevant learning for students that help them read, understand, write, and apply code in relevant ways. Through coding literacy, students will be on their way to creating their own apps, inventing new technologies, and be better equipped for jobs of tomorrow. Austin ISD Student Summer Coding Camps are more than just about code as they also incorporate much-needed skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Austin ISD Student Summer Coding Camps are developed through a collaborative effort between Austin ISD, Austin Community College, and Lamar University. Activities during the camps are taken from the Apple Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create Curriculum and will be offered on Apple iPads and laptops which are available to students while attending the camps. Where possible, camps are offered at two levels:

  • Beginner - For students who have no or limited coding experience.
  • Intermediate -  For students who have previous coding experience, but would like to go further.

Austin ISD Student Summer Coding Camps are Day Camps offered free of charge to Austin ISD students.  

For questions or additional information, contact Dr. Craig Levy at 512-414-4682 or

What to Bring

Your imagination and creativity.

All required materials and technologies for coding camps will be provided.

Dress as if it were a school day. 

Dates, Times, Locations


June 24-28, 2019


8:00 am - 3:00 pm


K-5th Grade Beginner Coding-REGISTRATION CLOSED
6th - 8th Grade Beginner Coding-REGISTRATION CLOSED
9th - 12th Grade Beginner Coding-REGISTRATION CLOSED


8401 Hathaway Dr.
Austin, TX 78757