Christina C. Puente, Ed.D.

Hello and welcome to Lamar University. I am Dr. Christina C. Puente and I am a Clinical Instructor for the Department of Educational Leadership in the College of Education and Human Development.  I joined Lamar in Spring 2014 and became a Clinical Instructor the following Fall.  I earned my Bachelor and Master degrees at Lamar and chose to return for my Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2011. I am a native of the Beaumont area, but currently live in Kingwood near the Houston area, with my husband and two daughters.

I am a dedicated educator that seeks to service students’ daily needs in order for them to receive an equal, but equitable education.  I am a supportive and diverse professor that feels it is my obligation to transform students’ lenses to become transformational key members of the educational community. I strive to include the most current research available in order for my students to thrive in their academic endeavors. It is important for me to help students see through the lens of our educational past, understand the educational mindset of the present, and be able to see and transform those around them towards our educational future; while anticipating the educational needs of the constituents they are a part of. It is an important trait for educational leaders to consistently grow and learn about advancing educational information, instructional methods or strategies, and instrumental technology in which education is ever changing towards. Overall, it is my life’s quest to assist students to grow their mindset in growth, self-efficacy, sense of belonging, and relevance in every way to attain their collegiate goals and become a visionary in the educational community we serve. By bringing creative solutions, diverse approaches, and a purpose in their work in education to meet the needs of our nation’s ever-changing educational systems.

It is my wish we are able to stretch and grow your mindset while you are with us at Lamar University. I hope to serve you in the near future. 

Growth Mindset, "With hard work and effort, I can get smarter and better." 

Self-Efficacy Mindset, "I can succeed."

Sense of Belonging, "I belong in this community"

Relevance, "This work has purpose for me."

Corbin Lang (2016)

Mindset by Carol Dweck (2007)