Glen Harrison, Ed.D.

I am a career educator. This is my 31st year in education, most of which has been at the secondary level. I taught science and business classes for 23 years. Additionally, I was a football assistant coach for 25 years and a head baseball coach for 15 years. I served as the campus Instructional Technology Specialist for four years at a large 5A campus and then moved into an assistant principal position for several years at the same high school in North Texas. I have worked in the Houston area (League City), where I also grew up, and then made my way to North Texas (DFW) area. 

Along the way, I have been at six different high schools (4A-6A) with many diverse and cultural backgrounds. I have a personal attachment to Lamar University, because this is the institution that offered me a full scholarship to play football back in 1981. Although, I finished my playing career and undergrad at SFA, Lamar was a place that changed my life and helped me to be the educator that I am today. I received my B.S. in Secondary Education from SFA in 1986. Late in my education career I decided to go back to school. I earned my Master's in Educational Technology Leadership with Lamar in 2010 along with a Principal Certification in 2011. I enjoyed the Lamar online program so much that I wanted to continue into the Doctoral program. I credit the professors of Lamar and my cohort, Online Cohort 3...better known as "OC3", for my wonderful educational experience, my renewed desire to learn, and the phenomenon of "sense of community" within the online learning environment. Four years later, I earned my terminal degree in Educational Leadership in 2016.

I have a great passion for helping students (teachers) reach their full potential. Motivating and pushing students to do things they thought they could not do is what drives me every day and brings me great fulfillment. Finally, I am always looking to technology and web 2.0 tools, to help me with my work. Helping students and others to be more efficient and engaging by infusing technology is always a goal of mine.

My wife, Shelly and I have been married over 31 years and we have two grown children Chad and Holly. When I am not on the computer, my wife and I own a baseball hitting and pitching facility here in Decatur, Texas. I enjoy reading David Baldacci novels. Additionally, I enjoy researching and studying human personalities/psychology. I also read and study about bears. A little know bit of info, one of my bucket list items includes going on a hunting expedition to Kodiak Island in Alaska, to harvest or be harvested by a grizzly bear!