Department of Teacher Education

Location: 202 Education Building, Phone: (409) 880-8217

Department Chair: Dr. Freddie Titus,

Administrative Associate: Ms. Tamara Welch,

Director of School and Community Partnerships

Ms. Jody Slaughter, Phone: (409) 880-2107,


Admissions Coordinator: Ms. Carmina Smith, Phone: (409) 880-7972,, 204 Education

Undergraduate Academic Advisor Sr: Ms. Debra Fondren, phone: (409) 880-2235,, 201A Education


Associate Professor: Cristina Rios, Mamta Singh, Katherine Sprott, Freddie Titus

Assistant Professor: Caleb Hood, Yan Yan

Clinical Instructor: Cheryl Nelson

Visiting Clinical Instructor: Pamela Patterson

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Department of Teacher Education offers the Interdisciplinary Studies degree plan for the following Core Subjects EC-6, 4-8, and Core Subjects 4-8 degree plans leading to teacher certification:

Core Subjects EC-6 – Total Min. Hours: 125
4–8 English, Language Arts & Reading – Total Min. Hours: 122
4–8 Math – Total Min. Hours: 120
4–8 Math/Science – Total Min. Hours: 126
4–8 Composite Science – Total Min. Hours: 122
4–8 Social Studies – Total Min. Hours: 122
4–8 Core Subjects – Total Min. Hours: 120
Early Childhood–12 Special Education – Total Min. Hours: 125

Secondary – Certification

Students desiring to certify in Secondary and All Levels Education earn a degree in a teaching discipline. For degree and certification advisement purposes, students should report to their major department and to the academic advisor for secondary and all levels certification in the Office of Professional Services, Room 201 in the Education Building. Twelve hours in the teaching discipline must be advanced (3000-4000 level).

Certification options for secondary and all-level certifications are:

  • American Sign Language (Early Childhood-12)
  • Art (Early Childhood-12
  • Business Composite (6-12)
  • Chemistry (7-12)
  • Dance (Early Childhood-12)
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Early Childhood-12)
  • English Language Arts and Reading (7-12)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences (6-12)
  • Health (Early Childhood-12)
  • History (7-12)
  • Journalism (7-12)
  • Language Other Than English (LOTE)
  • Life Science (7-12)
  • Mathematics (7-12)
  • Music (Early Childhood-12)
  • Physical Education (Early Childhood-12)
  • Physical Sciences (7-12)
  • Science (7-12)
  • Social Studies (7-12)
  • Special Education (Early Childhood-12)
  • Speech (7-12)
  • Technology Applications (7-12)
  • Theatre (Early Childhood-12)

For students seeking secondary certification, the following pedagogy courses are required:

PEDG 2310 Introduction to Teacher Education
PEDG 3300 Human Development and Learning
PEDG 3380 Secondary Curriculum and Methodology
PEDG 4380 Secondary Methodology and Classroom Management
READ 3326 Reading/Literacy Strategies for the Content Areas
PEDG 4620 Clinical Teaching

For students seeking all-level certification, the following pedagogy courses are required:

PEDG 2310 Introduction to Teacher Education
PEDG 3300 Human Development and Learning
PEDG 3380 Secondary Curriculum and Methodology
PEDG 4340 Managing the Early Childhood/Elementary Environment
READ 3326 Reading/Literacy Strategies for the Content Areas
PEDG 4630 Clinical Teaching

Master of Arts in Teaching

MAT in Teaching and Initial Certification - 30 Hours

This 12-month residency program provides a Master’s of Arts Degree in Teaching (MAT) and Initial Certification for EC-6 with the Texas Education Agency. Its goal is to integrate transformative pedagogies and a critical lens to address social justice issues in schools and other educational environments. Upon acceptance to the program, candidates spend 4 days a week working side-by-side with a teacher mentor (the residency) for two semesters with a cohort of approximately 10 candidates. Courses are offered online to accommodate the residency on campus.  Through coursework, field, experiences, research, and professional development activities, candidates become skilled and reflective educators who are equipped to provide effective educational instruction to a diverse cultural population of students in urban and rural settings. Candidates who complete this program will acquire culturally responsive skills to impact the lives of students in diverse communities and public schools. This program requires 4 full days on campus in a local school each week. More information about this program, including admission requirements and application procedures, can be found here.

Required/Core Courses

PEDG 5330 Effective Teaching and Learning in Multicultural Schools (3)

EDLD 5321 School Law for Teachers

PEDG 5388 Selected Instructional Topics

PEDG 5307 Research Methods

PEDG 5345 Instructional Design and Assessment in Underserved Populations

PEDG 5350 The Learning Process and Differentiated Instruction

PEDG 5333 Applied Learning and Advocacy in the Community

Select one according to Certification

PEDG 5375 Reading and Other Essential Classroom Skills

PEDG 5387 Teaching Reading in the Elementary School


Internship (Register for two semesters)