Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of University Studies Program is most appealing to students who have earned academic credit hours and are seeking a flexible degree plan to complete their bachelor's degree.

In order to obtain a University Studies degree a student must earn 120 semester credit hours of applicable credit in the following categories:

General Education Core Curriculum 

  • 42 hours (See Lamar's General Catalog for more details).
  • A grade of “C” or better must be earned in both ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302.

Advanced Courses 

  • 42 hours
  • AASC 3301 Lifelong Learning (3 hours)
  • Advanced Electives (33 hours, 9 hours of which must be at 4000-level)
  • Advanced Electives are junior & senior level courses (indicated by course numbers of 3000-4000)
  • AASC 4301 Senior Seminar (3 hours)
  • A grade of a “C” or better must be earned in all advanced courses.
  • (Optional): AASC 3102 Prior Experiential Learning (1 hour) is designed for students who want to earn academic credit for their work/life knowledge. See more details about the course and evaluation process in the Course Description section.

Department Policy for AASC 3301
Students enrolled in the BAAS, ABAS, BGS, and ABGS programs must be enrolled in AASC 3301 by the second semester they are eligible to take the course. Students who drop the course will be re-enrolled the following semester; students who drop the course a second time without approval from the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences will not be allowed to continue in the program. Students who do not pass the course with a C or higher will be re-enrolled each semester until a satisfactory grade is earned.

General Academic Electives 

  • 36 hours
    (Lower-level Electives are freshman & sophomore level courses are indicated by course numbers 1000-2000 and Upper-level Electives are indicated by course numbers of 3000-4000)

Grade Point Average

  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0

Coursework Options


15-week coursework schedule

Online On Campus
online or on-campus



8-week coursework schedule

online only


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