Social Work Group

Endowded Scholarships

Social work has two endowed scholarships for pre-majors and majors. These are awarded each year in the spring for the following fall/spring.

  • Vernice Moore Scholarship

    Established in 2003 

  • Archie Land Scholarship

    Established in 2009 

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  • Students must have 75 hours completed, have a GPA greater than 3.3 and not be graduating before December of the year in which they apply.
  • Students must copy their main financial aid award page from Banner documenting all sources of financial assistance by Lamar Go to Banner Self Serve Financial Aid.
  • Students meeting the GPA requirements will be notified of their eligibility via email and given an application.
  • Scholarship students are invited and expected to attend the scholarship dinner each spring hosted by Lamar University.

Paid Stipends

We also have three paid stipends (5,000) with Child Protective Services. This requires a student to take child welfare policy and apply in their junior year for a summer block placement (see Title IV information).