Anthropology Courses (ANTH)

2302 Archaeology

An overview of the science of the human past, introducing the basic methods and theories utilized by modern archaeologists in their reconstruction of human prehistory.

2346 Introduction to Anthropology

A general survey of the three main fields of anthropology – physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and archaeology. Emphasis is on the holistic approach of anthropology to the study of mankind in all times and places.

2351 The Nature of Culture

An exploration of that uniquely human adaptation known as "culture." Subject matter will include evidence for cultural behavior in nonhuman primates, as well as language and communication, mythology and narrative, arts and music, play and humor in human societies around the world.

2372 Ethnic Heritage

An examination of the cultural heritage of the major ethnic groups of contemporary American society – Afro-American, Hispanic-American, or Euro-American. (Only one group will be covered each time the course is taught; contact department for current offering.)

3310 Family and Society

Examines the organization and function of the family in societies around the world. This class takes a life-course perspective on the family, exploring the individual experience of family life from conception through death.

3340 Political Anthropology

Examines the evolution of political systems and political relations in human societies, drawing upon the knowledge that anthropologists have accumulated through studies of nonhuman primate societies, prehistoric civilizations, and tribal societies of contemporary and recent times.

4340 Topics in Anthropology

Selected special topics in the major research fields of contemporary anthropology. The course will focus on current literature and will involve the student in a research project. This course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies. Past topics have included: Forensic Anthropology, Human Fertility, Physical Anthropology,