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of Southeast Texas and the Upper Gulf Coast

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Founded in 2016 by Dr. Mary Scheer as one Lamar University’s “Visionary Initiatives,” the Center serves the many constituencies of Lamar University students and faculty, the communities of Southeast Texas and the greater Gulf Coast, and the scholars and creatives who explore the region’s past and present. The Center promotes the study of these regions with a commitment to multicultural, interdisciplinary, collaborative, and community-focused projects.

The Center hosts programs that highlight the work of artists, authors, scholars, community leaders, and others who represent varied specializations and backgrounds. It also awards two annual book prizes and funds original research, creativity, and community outreach through its fellowship program.

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Making Space for Women  

April 26, 2024

Making Space for Women with Jennifer Ross-Nazzal

3:00 pm, Science Auditorium, Lamar University.

Dr. Jennifer Ross-Nazzal will talk about her work that "explores how careers for women at Johnson Space Center have changed over the past fifty years as the workforce became more diverse and fields once closed to women—the astronaut corps and flight control—began to open." Dr. Ross-Nazzal is the Human Space Flight Historian at the John Space Center, Houston, Texas. She is the author of the award-winning book Making Space for Women: Stories from Trailblazing Women of NASA's John Space Center (Texas A&M, 2022). Free and open to all. Dr. Ross-Nazzall will also speak at the evening screening of Apollo 13 at the Jefferson Theatre. See Events page for more information.