Pre-Physical Therapy Studies

The minimum admission requirements for accredited Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) programs include an earned bachelor’s degree with the following: 

  • 16-21 semester hours of introductory and advanced biology
  • 8 semester hours of general chemistry
  • 6-9 semester hours of English composition and technical writing
  • 3 semester hours of kinesiology
  • 3 semester hours of mathematics
  • 8 semester hours of general physics
  • 10 semester hours of psychology

Applicants to advanced physical therapy programs are required to take the Graduate Record Examination and to submit all admission materials in a timely manner as specified by program and school to which they apply. In conjunction with a strong overall grade point average and a competitive Graduate Record

Examination score, students interested in physical therapy should consider gaining clinical experience by way of volunteer work in a hospital or rehabilitation facility or through other opportunities that involve working with people through planned exercise programs designed to improve physical mobility and function.

Undergraduate degrees in biology and kinesiology are popular choices among students who seek admission to physical therapy programs, most of which require two years of additional study leading to the DPT degree.

To learn more about preparing for a career in physical therapy, review the following curriculum suggestions, professional resources, and virtual links to accredited programs in Texas.

Professional Resources

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Texas Physical Therapy Association

Graduate Record Examination

Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs in Texas

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