Lamar University and the College of Arts and Sciences offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Earth Science and Geology and a Master of Science in Geospatial Sciences.  We also offer certificates in Georgraphic Information Systems (G.I.S.) for both undergrad and grad students.  Minors in Space Science, Geology and Earth Science are also available.

Bachelor of Science

Earth and Space Sciences

Earth Science



A Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Science or Geology offers opportunities for employment in energy and other resource industries, earth system sciences (environmental, atmospheric and oceanographic sciences), government agencies and teaching.

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Master of Science


Geospatial Sciences

The Master of Science in Geospatial Sciences provides workforce‐focused training in cutting‐edge topics in geospatial sciences, including geographic information systems, aerial and satellite remote sensing imagery, global positioning systems and data science in the big data era.

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Lamar University offers the region's first complete certificate program in Geographic Information Systems for both undergrad and grad. The GIS certificate is a 15-hour program.

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