Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Department of Psychology

Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science
Major: Psychology
Hours: 120

Psychology Bachelor Degree

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Degree Description

The Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science Degrees in Psychology at Lamar University lead to popular psychology careers in fields such as public health, hospitals and health care, assisted living, counseling, chaplaincy, medical consulting, human resources, social work, health and human services, substance abuse treatment and prevention, education, advocacy, leadership and research.

Some of the careers in psychology require advanced study. An undergraduate degree in psychology establishes the foundation for you to continue your education through graduate study in counseling or marriage and family therapy, nonprofit management, or other graduate degrees in the arts, sciences and humanities.

Why Study Psychology at Lamar?

As a student in the Lamar University Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degrees in Psychology, you will study how people individually and collectively develop, cope and thrive in the modern world. You will study psychological theories, apply them to your own life and consider ways that you can take what you learn to better the world through action.

Our curriculum covers a broad base of topics within the psychology field including lifespan development, abnormal behavior, positive psychology, stress and well-being, health psychology and forgiveness. Our program focuses on whole-person development.

We build your theoretical knowledge of psychology through traditional learning, we tap into your own insights and wisdom through reflection, and we build your skills through application. This approach prepares your mind and your heart for a host of careers that develop positive environments and outcomes for yourself and others.

Career Paths

Many of the top fields of employment for these degrees are not closely aligned with psychology. Instead, these career options utilize the communication, interpersonal and human behavior knowledge that you acquire during your undergraduate studies. Undergraduate psychology programs help you acquire a wide range of interpersonal skills, which can then be put to use in different sales and marketing positions. Employers value skills such as the ability to speak well and communicate effectively. If you are interested in working in this field, take classes that will improve your understanding of people and human behavior. Courses in sociology, personality and communications can be especially beneficial.

While many people with a bachelor's degree in psychology find work in other unrelated areas, some choose to work directly in the field of mental health and human services. A few potential job titles in this area include psychiatric technicians, mental health technicians, case managers, rehabilitation specialists and social work assistants. In most cases, these individuals work directly under the supervision and guidance of a licensed clinical psychologist or social worker.

Primary Careers

Case manager, social work assistant, communications specialist

Career Areas

  • Mental, social health services
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  • Communications
  • Public relations
  • Education

Median Salary


Types of Employers

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Rehabilitation and nursing care centers
  • Schools and universities
  • Mental and social health agencies
  • Non-profit organizations