Bachelor's Degree in Family Studies

Department of Nutrition, Hospitality and Human Services

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major: Family Studies
Hours: 120

Bachelor of Science - Family Studies

Delivery Options:

 Hybrid       Online

Degree Description

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Studies offers you an in-depth study of the family and its interrelationships with the larger community, the socialization of the child and human interaction throughout the lifespan.

If you are interested in a major that will provide innumerable, transferable professional and personal skills, then family studies is a great choice for you. The skills this program affords are high in demand in professional settings where understanding family-systems thinking is paramount, but they are also transferable to many other careers requiring analytic and critical thinking skills. Watch the faculty interview to learn more about the Department of Nutrition, Hospitality & Human Services.

Note: The B.S. in Family Studies program accepts up to 36 hours of technical credit for students who have completed an AAS degree in Early Childhood Development or a family studies-related degree.

Why Family Studies at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Studies at Lamar University is designed for you if you are passionate about the inner workings of families inside themselves and in society. You may feel equipped to help other people achieve healthy relationships or teach them about healthy personal development and functioning.

With this degree, you may champion the cause of preventing personal and family crises before they occur. When you study the family unit through an interdisciplinary lens, you learn about what it means to be human and in relationships with others in a diverse, challenging world.

Career Paths

Through this program, you'll complete an internship at a community agency related to your primary interests. Your professional goals determine the selection of supporting courses or specialization areas such as families and health; families, law and public policy; family social science research; family life education and guidance and family social services. You will graduate qualified to work in private, non-profit or government agencies that provide care and services for families and children.

Primary Careers

Parent-child educator, caseworker, administration

Career Areas

  • Childcare
  • Education
  • Family welfare caseworker
  • Preventive education

Median Salary


Types of Employers

  • Private and public child care centers
  • Preschools, Montessori
  • Religious organizations
  • Extended school programs
  • Recreation programs and camps
  • Government agencies