Bachelor's Degree in General Business – Entrepreneurship

Department of General Business

Degree Description

On-campus or online, the Lamar University Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in General Business – Entrepreneurship prepares you to one day start and run your own business or businesses. This major suits the goal-oriented dreamer, the creative mastermind, the idea maker. If you are self-confident, enjoy a flexible professional schedule, aren’t afraid to take a calculated risk and are good at managing your money, you possess the vital qualities of an entrepreneur. 

Why Study Entrepreneurship at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in General Business – Entrepreneurship at Lamar University is available to you as a residential or fully-online program. In addition to preparing you to create your own business, this degree allows for a solid foundation in business topics, a foundation that leads to a variety of possible careers. Majors in entrepreneurship often become business owners, store managers, CEOs and sales consultants and experts.
Watch Dr. Swerdlow's faculty interview to learn more about the Entrepreneurship concentration and the General Business degree program.

Career Paths

You're graduating with a degree in entrepreneurship, so get out there and build the business you've always imagined! Or, if you aren't quite ready to start your own company, you needn't worry. Your degree has equipped you for a variety of careers in business. You've taken courses that cover creativity, innovation, ethics, marketing, finance and a wide variety of other topics. Focus on those skills and concepts and see where you can use them!


Primary Careers

Management, Sales, Consulting

Meet the Faculty

Faculty Member NameMarleen Swerdlow, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Professor
General Business, Law
Faculty Member NameJ.Y. Choi, Ph.D.
Faculty Member NameVivek Natarajan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Marketing and Management
Faculty Member NameFrank Cavaliere, Ph.D.
Business Law