Master's Degree in Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Degree Description

The Lamar University Master of Science Degree in Computer Science will prepare you for a career related to networking, database design and intelligent systems. Thesis and non-thesis options are available. The objective of the master's degree is to produce professional computer scientists capable of contributing technically to the basic core areas of computer science as well as to application areas.


Why Study Computer Science at Lamar?

The Master of Science in Computer Science at Lamar University is excellent if you have a background in computer science, but our program is designed so that you can still within 2 years without experience. A mixture of course, laboratory and research work in the program will place you at the forefront of technical excellence.

Career Paths

Computer science is a broad field, and you will learn a variety of languages, programs and applications to prepare you for a range of professional opportunities. After graduation, you can expect to find your skills in high demand: there are more open positions than computer scientists who can fill them. In 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 32% increase in jobs for software engineers and developers between 2012 and 2022, all but ensuring that the market for your degree will only expand.


Primary Careers

Programmer, Software/App Developer, Database Administrator, Network Administrator

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Stefan Andrei
Chair, Professor
Dr. Jane Liu
Dr. Sujing Wang
Assistant Professor