Master's Degree in Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Degree Description

The Lamar University Master of Science Degree in Mathematics can be tailored to prepare you for further study in mathematics at the doctoral level or for employment in industry. This program offers a wide range of courses but remains small enough for students to receive individual attention from faculty.


Why Study Mathematics at Lamar?

The Master of Science Degree in Mathematics at Lamar University offers well-funded positions for graduate teaching assistants and a comprehensive program with a wide range of courses and individual faculty attention. You will be taught by accomplished researchers, and our department places the welfare and teaching of students at the heart of our efforts.
Our graduate faculty members have interests in complex analysis, computability theory, graph theory, integration theory, Lie algebras, logic, modeling, numerical analysis, numerical differential equations, probability, statistics and symmetric spaces in addition to the foundational fields of algebra, analysis and topology. In addition, we have faculty members who have joint appointments between our department and the Department of Teacher Education.

Career Paths

Mathematics teaches patience, discipline, and step-by-step problem-solving and critical thinking skills, so that with a substantial maths background, your career options are virtually unlimited. Mathematical research and education are at the heart of some careers, while other careers utilize mathematics and its applications to build and enhance important work in the sciences, business, finance, manufacturing, communications, and engineering.

Primary Careers

Actuary, Mathematician, Mathematics Educator, Analyst

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Vega-GuzmanDr. Vega-Guzman
Assistant Professor

Dr. Jennifer FowlerDr. Jennifer Fowler
Associate Professor

Dr. Robert VallinDr. Robert Vallin

Faculty Member NameDr. PJ Couch
Associate Professor