How to Informally Record Your Complaint

  1. Write a careful account, date it, have it notarized, seal it, and send it to:
    1. Your attorney,
    2. You or a friend via certified mail (without opening it), or
    3. Yourself or to some else via e-mail.
  1. Write a letter to yourself indicating that you spoke with the Ombuds about XYZ complaint on a particular day (please note that the Ombuds cannot confirm or deny you spoke with him/her).
  1. Keep a log in a dated, bound logbook.
  1. Talk with or send a tape via certified mail to a friend, family member, etc. describing the problem.
  1. Tell a friend, acquaintance, or colleague who would be willing to testify later that you told him or her about the problem.
  1. Give a dated, sealed letter to a trusted friend, colleague, or administrator with the understanding that letter is to be kept, but not opened, until you say otherwise.
  1. Tell your attorney, medical professional, psychologist/counselor, or someone who makes notes/records of your sessions (be aware that often this information is privileged and unable to be released without your written consent).