Getting a Bad Performance Review

Man reviewing a document; woman with head in handsPerformance review time is often  anxiety provoking.  This is especially true when it contains negative feedback. If you receive a bad performance review, you have the option to write a rebuttal and request a meeting with your supervisor.  Here are some tips to help you meet this challenge:

  1. Request a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your feedback. Just prior to the meeting:
    1. Take slow calming breaths to release tension.
    2. Maintain a positive attitude.
    3. Be curious about how your supervisor sees your performance.
    4. Ask yourself, “what do I need to learn from this experience?”
  2. Thank your supervisor for meeting with you. Then state calmly and professionally why you disagree with the evaluation.
    1. Be concise and clear.
    2. Bring evidence of your accomplishments to support your reasons.
    3. Identify assumptions and correct misunderstandings between you and your supervisor to clarify why you disagree with the feedback.
    4. Ask questions about what success looks like in your supervisor’s point of view.
      1. Do your accomplishments match some of these success points?
  3. Identify your supervisor's expectations and priorities.
    1. Create your own action plan to address any areas needing a change based on these expectations.
  4. If your supervisor is not familiar with your work activities, find ways to keep them aware of your accomplishments.
    1. Resist the urge to avoid contact with your supervisor. Instead seek out their opinion and listen for ways to upgrade your performance. 
    2. Remember that your success speaks positively on your supervisor’s success. Working together can be a win-win performance. 
  5. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome after meeting with your supervisor, you may call the Ombuds Office at 409-880-8039 to explore more options.