College Readiness Workshop

TA Workshop

Students that are enrolled in the Texas Academy will complete bi-weekly workshops led by Texas Academy adminstrators where they will explore personal preferences and life goals, and how those two things affect their choice of college and career. Also included are lessons on the admission process, and how to apply for financial aid. 

These workshops was created to explain commonly used admissions terms and processes. More importantly, it is a guide that will enable students to evaluate colleges and universities through the lens of their needs, priorities and preferences. When they are finished, they will be well equipped to choose the right school.

"Prior to the college readiness workshop, I only knew about schools my family members went to, and the most renowned ones. Even though I knew their names, I did not actually know what each one offered and how I would fit in each community. Through the workshop, I was able to determine what factors really mattered to me in terms of choosing where to live for the next two years. From there, I discovered schools that I had never heard of and have now created a list of schools that I know I would love attending for both the academic and community aspects." - Joanne Yi, Texas Academy Student Class of 2024


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Finding the Right Fit

In Finding the Right Fit, students will participate in an excercise of introspection where they will identify characteristics and qualities about themselves that must be considered when choosing a school that will allow them to grow and thrive. It is important for them to understand who they are and what they value then finding a school that fits you and allows you to flourish.

The Nitty Gritty

In the Nitty Gritty, students will evaluate their top three campus choices using a variety of criteria including distance, culture, academics, social, and cost. 

This session builds on Finding the Right Fit by highlighting where their preferences overlap each schools offerings. 

Admissions Jargon

In Admissions Jargon, students will learn how to untangle the different admission types, application types, test options, and terms used in the collegiate world.

Resume and Interviews

In Resume and Interviews students will learn about how to properly present themselves and will become aware of how everything from their ringback tone to the way they dress tells their story. 

Students will also be walked through all of the components of a resume that highlights their strengths. 

Paying for College

In Paying for College students will learn the difference between grants, loans, and scholarships. They will learn how to apply for all types of aid, how to interpret what they are offered, and how to guard against unnecessary debt.


In our last session, students will summarize everything they have learned and determine what their top three school choices are. Students should be able to identify what to look for on a campus tour, know their learning style, and how to apply for admissions and aid.