Climbing Wall Policies

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The policies and procedures set forth by the Lamar University Recreational Sports Department exist to ensure the safety of the patrons and to prolong the life of the equipment. Failure to follow these rules and regulations may result in suspension from the Climbing Wall or removal from the facility.

  1. An Outdoor Pursuits staff member must be present at all times for participants to climb or boulder.
  2. All participants must have a signed and dated climbing waiver on file.
  3. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign and date the Climbing Waiver in addition to his or her own signature and date.
  4. Participants are required to wear the helmet provided by Outdoor Pursuits unless the Helmet Release has been signed on the Climbing Waiver.
  5. Participants are required to wear the harness provided by Outdoor Pursuits unless the Harness Release has been signed on the Climbing Waiver.
  6. Participants must wear either closed toed shoes with non-marking soles or climbing shoes. Barefoot climbing and/or belaying is strictly prohibited.
  7. Participants must remove all jewelry before climbing.
  8. Participants must be roped and on belay at all times, except while bouldering.
  9. Do not climb past top-rope anchors.
  10. Spotters are required while bouldering.
  11. Horseplay and other unsafe climbing practices are not permitted.
  12. Harnesses and all other climbing equipment must be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  13. All climbing gear must be approved by the UIAA or CE for climbing.
  14. Only a figure-eight follow-through knot may be used to tie in the climber with a finishing knot. No other knots are permitted.
  15. Do not use bolt hangers or quick draws as handholds.
  16. Belaying
  17. Participants who have not completed and passed belay test may not belay at any time.
  18. Belay devices must be attached to the belay loop of the belayer by means of a locking carabiner.
  19. Participants may use their own belay device if approved by an Outdoor Pursuits staff member.
  20. No sitting or lying down while belaying.
  21. If a climber weighs 25 pounds (11.5 kg) or more than the belayer, the belayer must anchor into the floor to prevent coming off of the ground and/or swinging into the wall.
  22. All participants will provide proper care of all equipment.
  23. Do not let the carabiners, ATC’s, or other climbing hardware drop on the floor or swing against the Rock Climbing Wall.
  24. Do not step on ropes or any other equipment.
  25. Do not step under or over an active belay.
  26. Climbers are required to use the ropes and belay anchors that are provided.
  27. Ropes for lead climbing are provided upon request by the climbing staff.
  28. Climbing equipment may not be removed from the building for any reason.
  29. Checked out equipment must be returned before the participant exits the building.
  30. Only Climbing Wall staff may enter the storage space behind the Climbing Wall.
  31. No loose chalk allowed.
  32. Lead climbers may not skip draws.
  33. Staff reserves the right to suspend or terminate privileges for inappropriate or unsafe behavior.