Rules for Intramural Participants


Each team interested in any intramural activity must have a team captain who will act as the official liaison between the team and the Office of Intramural Sports. It is the team captain's responsibility to turn in his/her entry form at the specified time, check the eligibility of each of his/her players before and during the season, and keep his/her team informed of rules and policies governing each sport. Information sent out by Office of Intramural Sports should be read with care and followed with appropriate action. Each captain MUST see that the members of his/her team are given the opportunity to read all pertinent information. It is a team captain's responsibility to:

  1. Organize the team and enter it into competition before the entry deadline.
  2. Attend the mandatory Rules Meeting for designated sports.
  3. Keep his/her name, e-mail address, and phone number up to date in the Intramural Sport Office.
  4. Be familiar with all Intramural eligibility rules and ensure that his/her team consists of only eligible players.
  5. Inform team members as to the time and place of scheduled games and make sure that they are present.
  6. Ensure that each member creates an IMLeagues account and is added to their team's roster.
  7. Ensure that those representing his/her team play according to the rules of the game and conduct themselves as good sports at all times.
  8. Verify the team's roster prior to the start of playoffs.
  9. Assist in making arrangements for postponed or rescheduled games.
  10. Make a regular check of the Intramural bulletin boards and IMLeagues website to keep informed of changes and/or updates. During tournament play, a daily check is recommended.


League Sports

Most team sports are scheduled into leagues by male, female and co-Rec. IPC and Independent divisions will be merged together for maximum game opportunities. League sports consist of a regular season schedule followed by a single-elimination tournament. The availability of leagues within each division will be based on the number of teams entered. In the event there are not enough entries to form a specific league, some leagues will be combined.

Regular Season

Schedules for regular season play will be based on the number of teams entered, availability of facilities, and the time allotted for the activity. Schedules will be in a round robin format.


Eligible teams, based on team record, league standing, and sportsmanship rating, will advance to single-elimination post-season play. In case of ties and it is necessary to eliminate teams for a playoff series or tournament, the following tie-breaker format will be used:

  1. Forfeits
  2. Head-to-Head
  3. Sportsmanship Ratings
  4. Point Differential

Tournaments will be held for each league. The number of teams that advance to each league tournament will depend on the availability of facilities. The winning teams from each Men's and Women's league tournaments will advance to the All-Campus Championships.

Tournament Sports

Individual/dual sports and various team sports are scheduled into tournaments based on the number of entries and organizational affiliation. In the event there are not enough entries to form a desired league or competition level, some leagues will be combined. Tournament sports consist of a double-elimination or single-elimination format. Schedules for tournament play will be based on the number of entries, availability of facilities, and the time allotted for the activity. See the Intramural Sports information sheet for each sport for specific information.


Decisions concerning the cancellation of games due to inclement weather will be made as soon as possible on the day of the scheduled activity. Under normal circumstances, decisions will not be made until game time. Cancellations due to inclement weather are made to protect the safety of the participants and the condition of the playing fields. Check IMLeagues for notifications of postponed or canceled games due to weather.


For all participation in each team sport, each team is encouraged to have some type of dress that provides uniformity in color for all participants. In cases where teams do not have uniforms of one distinguished color, all players will be required to wear colored jerseys (pennies) supplied by Intramural Sports. In the event two teams have the same color jersey or a color that blends with officials' uniforms, the visiting team will be asked to wear Intramural pennies. All participants are required to wear proper or appropriate footwear and personal equipment for competition. Specific information concerning permissible equipment for each sport or activity will be included in the information sheet and/or rules for that sport. The following policies serve as general guidelines for appropriate equipment:

  1. Jewelry, including watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets (rubber/live strong bands), etc., may not be worn during play. Any player wearing exposed permanent jewelry (i.e. body piercings) will not be permitted to play. Putting tape over the jewelry will not be allowed.
  2. Participants shall not play barefooted.
  3. Regulation rubber-soled cleats, plastic cleats, and tennis shoes are permissible for outdoor play. No metal-tipped, ceramic, screw-in, or detachable cleats shall be worn. No exposed metal cleats or spikes may be worn.
  4. Regulation non-marking tennis shoes or court shoes are required for play in the gymnasiums and on court surfaces.
  5. Participants may wear soft, pliable (non-rigid) pads or braces to protect an injury. Braces made of any hard, unyielding material must be fully covered on all sides by at least ½-inch of padding. Under no circumstances will a participant wearing a cast or splint be permitted to play.
  6. Head wear must be soft and shall not be made of any rigid material. Caps with a bill are not permitted in most sports. Stocking caps and rubber/cloth elastic bands may be used to control the hair. Bandannas that are tied with a knot are not permitted.
  7. It is at the discretion of the Intramural staff to ban the use of any equipment. A full list of rules and regulations associated with Intramural Sports and sport related rule books can be found at IMLeagues.

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