History of Order of Omega

Order of Omega was founded at the University of Miami in 1959 by a group of outstanding fraternity men who felt that individuals in the Greek community should be recognized for their service to the fraternity system and the University. The idea of an honorary for fraternity men at the University of Miami is attributed to Parker F. Enright, the advisor to fraternities at the time. Enright was later to accept a position at the University of Pittsburgh. He was also responsible for the founding of Omega Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh in the spring of 1964.

The original constitution was approved by the Organizations Committee at the University of Miami on April 14, 1959, the recognized founding date. The first member class was initiated the following fall.

The Chapter of Miami had long desired for their organization to expand to other colleges and universities. The Chapter gave its sanction to Dean Patrick W. Halloran to make initial inquiries and to further grant charters to universities that were accredited and interested in the purpose of Order of Omega. On February 9, 1967, a Chapter was chartered at the University of Southern Mississippi. Order of Omega voted to become a co-ed organization in the spring of 1977. There are now over five hundred chapters in the United States and Canada with approximately ten new chapters being chartered each year.

Considering the age of the American college fraternity, the "active honorary" concept was long overdue. There must continue to be a common means by which the most outstanding fraternity men and women can stand united to further the philosophy of the college fraternity.

The Omega Upsilon Chapter of Order of Omega was founded at Lamar University on May 4, 1973.

Purpose of Order of Omega

To RECOGNIZE those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to ENCOURAGE them to continue along this line, and to INSPIRE others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment;

To UNITE outstanding fraternity men and women to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate fraternity affairs;

To BRING TOGETHER members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institution's fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness;

To help CREATE an atmosphere where ideas and issues can be discussed openly across Greek lines and to help work out solutions.

Position Statements

WHEREAS, The Order of Omega serves to recognize outstanding leadership in fraternity and sorority systems on college and university campuses, and

WHEREAS, the recognized leadership serves to promote fraternity and sorority life on campuses, and

WHEREAS, outstanding leadership requires being a role model for fraternity and sorority chapter leaders and members, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED: that Order of Omega Chapter members adopt and promote the following position statements with their campus Order of Omega chapter, Greek governing bodies, and individual fraternity and sorority chapters.

Resolution on Human Decency

WHEREAS, Harassment based upon gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin is inappropriate, insensitive, and sometimes violent, and

WHEREAS, this type of human interaction is contrary to the principles of Order of Omega and fraternities and sororities, and

WHEREAS, such human interaction is reportedly practiced by some collegians, and

WHEREAS, this type of human interaction is destructive and contrary to human decency, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED: that Order of Omega urges each member chapter to make every effort to educate its members and the members of its fraternity and sorority system regarding principles of human decency.

Resolution Against Hazing

WHEREAS, The Executive Board of Order of Omega and its member chapters recognize and are concerned about any pre-initiation or initiation practices which constitute hazing, and

WHEREAS, hazing is contrary to everything fraternities and sororities stand for, and

WHEREAS, hazing is demeaning and illegal, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED: that Order of Omega disapproves, in the strongest possible terms, of any activity that constitutes hazing on college and university campuses.

Position Statement on Alcohol and Illegal Substances

WHEREAS, The Executive Board of Order of Omega and its member chapters recognize and are deeply concerned with the continued abuse of alcohol and illegal substances in our fraternity and sorority systems and in society, and

WHEREAS, the dangers of misuse and abuse of alcohol and illegal substances to individuals and groups are becoming increasingly evident, and

WHEREAS, the misuse and abuse of the substances are inconsistent with the goals and missions of Order of Omega, fraternities and sororities, and higher education institutions, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED: that Order of Omega members accept and promote the following:

  • that each Order of Omega member be encouraged to make a responsible decision concerning the use of alcohol and promote within his/her fraternity and sorority system this decision,
  • that when alcohol is present, responsibility be encouraged and promoted,
  • that all chapters develop and implement guidelines for responsible use of alcohol,
  • that events and activities sponsored by chapters of Order of Omega will comply with all university or college policies and local and state laws regarding the purchase, sale, and distribution, and use of alcoholic beverages,
  • that the purchase of alcohol with Order of Omega funds will be prohibited, and

BE IT RESOLVED: that use, sale, or distribution of illegal substances be forbidden and considered as grounds for expulsion from the Order of Omega chapter.

*Information provided by our national website, OrderofOmega.org.