Activities and Events Committee

A. Community Service 

To encourage volunteerism among Staff Council and organize charitable events for Council involvement.  Community Service Committee shall work to engage the Council and University staff in community-service efforts.
B. Staff Awards Ceremony
To organize the annual Staff Awards Ceremony.

C. Staff Social Events

Plan and coordinate special events incorporating business and/or social activities to foster staff networking and promote unity among Staff Council and University staff.

D. Student Success

Organize and/or volunteer to help with student related activities to show support of students from Staff Council.  And focus on improving shared concerns that directly contribute to student success and engagement.

Communication and Outreach Committee

A. Communications

In working with all Staff Council committees, communicate activities, events, and projects related to or sponsored by Staff Council.

B. Staff Relations

Promote a safe and healthy working environment and foster communication among staff and Staff Council.  Identify and investigate concerns, issues, and improvements affecting University staff.

Nominations Committee

A. Nominations

To solicit candidates for membership vacancies on Staff Council, Staff Council Officers; and to carry out elections in accordance with Council Bylaws. Establish operating procedures for the nomination and election of members to the Council.

B. Nominations Drive

In working with the Communications and Outreach Committee, create Staff Council recruitment materials.

Operational Support Committee

A. Bylaws

To review, make recommendations and facilitate discussion regarding Bylaw revisions and policy statements. Act as parliamentary advisory in order to maintain productive Staff Council meetings.