Article VII - Meetings, Quorum, Agenda, Minutes and Attendance

Section 1. Types of Meetings

There will be four (4) types of meetings:

  1. Staff Council Monthly Meetings  
    This meeting shall be inclusive of all Staff Council members and will be open to all Lamar University staff employees, with the exception of closed sessions.  Official minutes shall be taken by the Council Secretary.  When conducting official Council business, all meetings shall be closed sessions. 
  2. Staff Council Committee Meetings 
    Committee meetings shall be called by the committee chair/co-chair and is open to committee members only.
  3. Executive Board Meetings
    The University President and Vice President of Finance and Operations shall be referred to as the Executive Board.  These meetings shall be called by the University President or Staff Council President and held in closed sessions with Staff Council Officers.  Unofficial minutes shall be taken by the Council Secretary and a detailed report shall be given by the Council President at the next regularly scheduled Staff Council monthly meeting.
  4. Special/Emergency Meetings 
    Special meetings may be called by the Staff Council President/Officers, committee chairs, or request of Staff Council members.  Only the business specified shall be conducted at such meetings.  Official minutes shall be taken by the Council Secretary.

Section 2. Schedule of Meetings

  1. Staff Council shall hold monthly meetings from September through August, with the exception of January.  
  2. Meeting time and location shall be established by the Staff Council Officers at the first monthly meeting. Meetings shall be held during normal working hours, Monday through Friday, regardless of the type of meeting.
  3. Meeting notice shall be posted at least five (5) working days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Section 3. Quorum and Voting

  1. A quorum shall be formed by ten (10) Council members and at least one (1) officer present at all meetings.
  2. In the absence of a quorum, official Council business shall not be conducted.

   Elected Staff Council members (only) may vote.

  1. Voting shall be during closed sessions only. Guests must be excused before conducting Council business or voting.
  2. A quorum (10 +1) must be present to conduct all Staff Council business and voting. 
  3. Voting shall be by voice or show of hands, unless a vote by secret ballot is requested or required. 
  4. Members must be present to vote. There shall be no substitutes or proxies.

Section 4. Agenda

The Staff Council Officers shall set the agenda for meetings.  New items may be added at the monthly meeting.  Staff Council meetings shall have an agenda which includes the time and location of the meetings and the order of business. 
The Staff Council Officers shall:
  1. Collect agenda information from monthly meetings with the chairs and Executive Board. A Council member may add agenda items.
  2. Set an agenda that allows for business to be addressed in a reasonable duration of time during the meetings.
  3. Post a monthly meeting agenda at least five (5) working days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Section 5. Minutes

Staff Council monthly meeting minutes shall be made available to the Staff Council within seven (7) working days after each meeting.  Minutes shall be approved at the next monthly meeting with or without corrections, and shall be maintained as permanent record.   Approved minutes shall be posted to the Council website within five (5) working days from the meeting date. 

 Minutes shall include:

  1. Date, time, and location of meeting
  2. List of those present
  3. List of items discussed and reports presented
  4. Motions presented and voting outcomes

Section 6. Attendance

A Council member may be dismissed for non-performance of duties, including but not limited to, absence from three (3) monthly meetings per year.  Determination shall be made by the Staff Council Officers and Nominations Chair in the case of extenuating circumstances.  The vacancy shall be filled in accordance with Article III. Section 3.

In the event a Council member will be absent from a monthly meeting, they may appoint a proxy, as their substitute, to attend the Council monthly meeting.  Proxies shall not have voting privileges.