Article V - Nomination and Election of Officers

Section 1.  Nomination

  1. It will be the responsibility of the Nominations Committee to meet and prepare a slate of officer candidates for voting at the Staff Council August meeting.
  2. The Nominations Committee will distribute the ballots to each elected Council member at the August meeting.

Section 2. Election of Officers

  1. Officers shall be elected annually from the Staff Council membership prior to the first regularly scheduled meeting of September.
  2. The voting shall be conducted at the August meeting by secret ballot with the Nominations Committee presiding the vote.
  3. All ballots shall be returned to the Nominations Committee to tally the votes and announce the results of officer elections at the August meeting. 
  4. Officers will serve a two-year term. The President and Treasurer shall be elected during the same term in odd numbered years.  The Vice President and Secretary shall be elected during the same term in even numbered years.

 Section 3. Procedures for Officer Nominations and Elections

  1. Nominations: Nomination forms will be solicited of the current Council members by the Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee shall confirm eligibility and willingness of nominees to run and to serve as an officer. 
  2. Before voting begins, Officer Candidates shall give a brief speech, to the Council, introducing themselves.
  3. Voting: The Nominations Committee shall prepare and distribute ballots for the officer election at the August meeting. Newly elected Council members are not eligible to vote in the officer election.
  4. Counting Ballots: The Nominations Committee shall count the ballots and present the results of the officer election at the August meeting
  5. In the event only one (1) candidate is seeking election of a Council officer position, the Nominations Committee Chair shall declare the position uncontested and announce the candidate as the new officer.
  6. If an elected officer’s Council membership expires before their officer term, their membership shall be extended to complete the officer term commitment.