Math to a Degree is dedicated to delivering an effective QEP to the Lamar University student body in a timely manner. Law 2223 ensures that the Lamar QEP will meet these expectations before the deadline.

Fall 2018

  • New QEP director

Fall 2019

  • Rollout of redesigned GAISE-compliant MATH 1342 Statistics.
  • Director begins meeting with chairs in all Colleges, gets signed Declarations of Intent.
  • Submit MATH1324 syllabus for approval.
  • Finalize QEP name and logo. 
  • Thorough Literature Review Summary
  • Draft of Assessment Plan
  • "Selecting and Developing the QEP" Written
  • QEP Draft Sent

2020 - 2021 - Year 1

  • January – QEP submitted with Focus Report
  • February – SACSCOC On-site visit cancelled due to COVID Pandemic
    Math courses taught virtually due to epidemic
  • February 2021 – Smartform created for academic departments to submit Declarations of
  • Scavenger Hunt activities February and March
  • Marketing event for students on 3 February and March
  • Marketing plan launched
  • March 2-4 – QEP Approved by virtual On-Site SACSCOC team
  • October – QEP participated in Cardinal Boo recruiting event
  • QEP Director will continue to meet with departments to secure Declarations of Intent.
  • Participation in orientation events during Summer
  • Analyze data from AY 2020-2021
  • Rollout of MATH 1324 Math for Business and Social Sciences.
  • May 31 – QEP Director resigned to assume position as Associate Dean of the College of
    Arts and Sciences
  • Finalize Declarations of Intent.
  • Begin data collection for QEP assessment.      
  • Degree plan changes completed.
  • Continue data collection.

2021 - 2022 - Year 2

  • Participate in Lamardi Gras recruiting event.
  • Analyze data from AY 2020-2021.
  • Dr. Samuel Jator (Austin Peay State University) presents workshop on Math
  • May 31 – QEP Director resigned to assume position as Associate Dean of the College of
    Arts and Sciences
  • June 1 – Dr. Jackie Jensen-Vallin named Interim Chair of the Department of Mathematics
    QEP data gathered and analyzed by Dr. Kye Kang

2022 - 2023 - Year 3

  • September – new IRR director hired
  • September – Lamar University joins the Postsecondary Data Project with National Student
    Clearinghouse. DEI Fellowship with focus on student success in Math starts.
  • November – Dr. Samuel Jator joins Lamar University as Senior Associate Provost and Dr.
    Kye Kang named QEP Director; Report on Year 1-2 due (Fall 2022); QEP revised based on recommendations from the QEP Assessment Committee (Spring 2023)
    Work with remaining departments to establish Math Pathways that work for health and social sciences fields.
  • March – Communicate the findings from the Report on Year 1-2 with the QEP faculty.
  • June – Launch the pilot program for the Just-in-Time Homework Help during summer.
  • Summer 2023 review AY 2022/23 data from Math courses.
  • Continue work on fellowship plan and gathering data from PDP

2023 - 2024 - Year 4

  • August – Fellowship plan completed
  • Continue data collection and analysis.
  • Launch new student success initiative - Online Evening Homework Help in multiple QEP math sections.
  • Create math pathway flyers for new student orientations.

2024 - 2025 - Year 5

  • March 2025 – QEP report due to SACSCOC