Math to a Degree

Currently, many students take College Algebra to fulfill their mathematics Core requirement. Unfortunately, many students attempt College Algebra multiple times; it is among the most-repeated courses on campus. 

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) at Lamar University is focused on improving student success by removing barriers to success in mathematics courses, through the placement of students in courses appropriate to their field of study.

Math to a Degree ruler
Math to a Degree
1. Reflect the University's Mission Statement 2. Focus on Issues Important to Student Learning 3. Be Documented through Institutional Data 4. Be Developed on Broad-Based Input 5. Effectively Evaluated 6. Result in Enhanced Student Learning

Goal of the QEP

Following consultations with program faculty, each department chair will select a Mathematics Pathway for program majors that aligns with their chosen area of study. Non-STEM department chairs will choose a non-algebraic pathway.

Through "Math to a Degree", we will

  • improve retention by placing students in mathematics courses appropriate to their field of study, in which they are more likely to be successful;
  • help students progress toward their degree by helping them complete their first college-level mathematics course within their first two semesters; and
  • create a focus on student success by improving advising into mathematics pathways, improving support structures for students, and fostering an asset-based attitude toward learning mathematics.

As a part of its Strategic Plan, Lamar University's focus on "One Student at a Time" will lead us to

  • focus student recruitment and retention to support the achievement of enrollment management goals;
  • while balancing access with quality, ensure that students make timely progress toward a degree; and 
  • create a more inclusive campus culture focusing on student success, achievement, and academic excellence.