The LU Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety and security of the LU community. We offer a number of services designed to keep you informed and connected.

ConnectED Info

In an on-campus emergency, we will broadcast a message through the LU Connect (Blackboard) system. Make sure your contact information is up to date or you won't receive updates. Check your contact information by logging into the Self-Service Banner. You will then receive an automated message with important information.

Emergency Preparedness

Find important information to keep you prepared in an emergency at the Lamar University Risk Management website.


AVOID starts with your state of mind.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Have an exit plan
  • Move away from the source of the threat as quickly as possible

DENY when getting away is difficult or maybe even impossible.

  • Keep distance between you and the source
  • Create barriers to prevent or slow down a threat from getting to you
  • Turn the lights off and silence your phone
  • Remain out of sight and quiet by hiding behind large objects

DEFEND because you have the right to protect yourself.

  • If you cannot AVOID or DENY, be prepared to DEFEND yourself
  • Be aggressive and committed to your actions
  • Do not fight fairly. THIS IS ABOUT SURVIVAL.
For questions, concerns, or to schedule a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events training, call LUPD at 409-880-7777 or email



Emergency Door Barricade

When a threat to our campus occurs, remember to AVOID, DENY, DEFEND!
  1. To DENY, close the door and locate the clear plastic box by the doorframe.
  2. Lift the center plastic tab on the clear box and remove the red metal handle.
  3. Slide the T-shape portion of the red handle into the slots of the silver vertical plate on the door with the lock-bar pointed down.
  4. Ensure the lock-bar of the red handle falls into the horizontal silver floor plate hole.
  5. Turn off lights in the room, silence cell phones, and prepare to DEFEND if needed.
  6. Follow all Police instructions and secure the red handle back in the box after use.

Tampering with this device is a Class B misdemeanor and the potential consequences are covered under Texas Penal Code 42.03 and 37.03.

emergency door barricade

Active Shooter

In the event of an active shooter event on campus, LUPD recommends following the guidelines in this video. These strategies were developed by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Program at Texas State University.

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Always lock your car when you park and go to class and hide items of value.
  • Don't leave personal items like backpacks, laptops, etc. unattended around campus.
  • Always lock your door to your room in the residence halls, even if you're only stepping down the hall for a few minutes.

How to Report a Crime

Call (409) 880-7777, email, or send us a message on our department Facebook page.

Sex Offender Registration Information

In 2002, the Wetterling Act (the federal law dealing with state registration of sex offenders) was amended by the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (CSCPA) to require states to obtain information about enrollment or employment of registered sex offenders at institutions of higher education, and to provide that information to campus police departments or other appropriate law enforcement agencies.

The CSCPA requires universities to provide notice to the campus community of where information identifying registered sex offenders who are enrolled or employed at the institution can be obtained.

A provision was added to FERPA to allow a university to disclose information provided to it under the Wetterling Act concerning registered sex offenders, including personally identifiable, non-directory information from education records disclosed without prior consent.

Information identifying registered sex offenders must be provided to the campus police department or other appropriate law enforcement agency by the state. The university must advise the campus community where sex offender information can be obtained, and must make the information available to members of the campus community by some means. The Texas Department of Public Safety must obtain the information and provide it to the university. The university is not required to ask registrants or prospective employees about the information. The Department of Public Safety has adopted the following procedure:

  • Notification of Enrollment at or Employment by Institutions of Higher Education
    • Any registered offender who is enrolled as a student of any university, college, community college, or other institution of higher education, or is, with or without compensation, a full-time or part-time employee of that university, college, community college, or other institution of higher education, or is carrying on a vocation at the university, college, community college, or other institution of higher education, shall report their status as an employee, student, or carrying on a vocation to their local law enforcement authority.
  • Here is the list of registered sex offenders who are students at Lamar University.

Vehicle Battery Assists and Unlocks

We can help jump start your car battery, and we can unlock your car if you locked the keys in it. We're happy to help, at no cost to you!

Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are located throughout the campus for your safety. Phones are on blue posts with blue lights on top. When the call button is pushed, the location of the call is automatically identified and the caller is connected to the police department. Locations of the telephones are marked on all parking maps and safety brochures. Individuals with hearing impairments should remain at the phone until the officer arrives.

There are also several emergency phones located within in buildings across campus. They are silver with a red push to activate button.

The Parking Map is available to download.  The blue dots show the location of all the campus emergency phones.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items from campus are housed at the police department. If you have lost something, come check with us to see if it has been found. If you've found someone else's property, kindly turn it in to the police department. We are open 24 hours a day, conveniently located at 211 Redbird Lane.