LU Ambassadors executive training event welcomes CEO of BP America

During the recent executive leadership training session for the Lamar University Ambassadors,  President & CEO of BP America, Inc., Orlando Alvarez, shared invaluable insights on leadership, drawing from his remarkable career journey. LU Ambassadors attend executive training
“It's amazing that you're going to get to hear from somebody like him,” Lamar University President Dr. Jaime Taylor said. “He’s a graduate of this university just like you all are going to be, and now he's over the entire BP operation for the entire United States.”  

Alvarez, a native of Santa Clara, Cuba, shared the journey of his 36-year career in the energy supply and trading business, providing ambassadors with practical advice and inspiration, drawn from his own journey from a first-generation college student to the CEO of BP America, Inc.  
“I’m definitely not the smartest guy in the room, I can promise you that,” Alvarez said.  “But I surround myself with people that know what they're doing. I lead them and guide them, and I support them. I will work as hard as anyone, anywhere. That's the sort of work ethic that my parents gave me.” 

Alvarez emphasized the importance of remaining rooted and humble, embracing change and challenges, and exuding confidence in one's abilities.  
“Not one day passes that I don't remind myself where I came from, what my parents did for me, and that I’m a first-generation college student. Why? Because of what my parents did, where we came from, and what we believe in,” Alvarez said.  Orlando Alvarez at LU Ambassadors Training
Alvarez stressed that all individuals should be treated with respect, and genuine professionalism should be maintained in all endeavors, along with leading by example in terms of expected behaviors and values.  
No job or position is more important than yours, or any other,” Alvarez said. “What I mean by that is treat everyone with respect no matter if it’s a president or a janitor, job titles don't matter. That is my core value. I don't care where you come from. You're going to treat me with respect. I'm going to treat you with respect.” 

He also emphasized the significance of being confident, approachable, and engaging in genuine conversations with colleagues and demonstrating a concern for their well-being. 

“Just have confidence in your abilities to give it all you have, and things will come together. Trust me when I tell you that. I've gone through a number of career changes and a number of challenges. I've been scared at times. That's normal,” Alvarez said. “Have the confidence; you're there for a reason. They hired you for a reason. You're in this room for a reason. Knock it out of the park.” 

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