College of Engineering graduates ranked first in first-year salaries by Texas Crews

In a recent report released by Texas Crews, Lamar University’s industrial engineering and industrial technology emerged as frontrunners ranking first in first-year income and along with chemical engineering, boasting the lowest loan burden as a percentage of their one-year salaries among all Texas universities. Electrical engineering ranked second lowest loan burden as a percentage of their one-year salaries and civil and mechanical engineering fourth.Engineers Working Stock Photo

Texas Crews data comes from a joint project between the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Together they analyze state employment records and student loan statistics to evaluate the financial success of engineering and technology graduates from Texas universities. Lamar University’s engineering programs and technology program stood out from the competition, surpassing some of the well-known engineering institutions in the state.

“This exemplifies the return on investment that you can get with an engineering or technology degree from Lamar University,” Dean of the College of Engineering Dr. Brian Craig said. “Our students are graduating with smaller loans and making more money in their first year than graduates from larger universities who graduate with loans that may equal half of their first-year salaries or more.”

The College of Engineering’s emphasis on modern curriculum, practical training and industry-relevant skills has undoubtedly contributed to the remarkable success of its engineering graduates.

“Having our graduates rank first in one-year salaries and student loans as a percentage in the state is a testament to the hard work committed to both our students and faculty,” Craig said. “We strive to provide our students with the education that equips them with the skills required to be career ready when they graduate and excel in their careers.” 

This recognition comes as a testament to Lamar University’s dedication to providing exceptional education and preparing students for successful careers in the competitive engineering and technology fields. With this achievement, Lamar University’s reputation as a leading institution for engineering and technology in Texas is further solidified.

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