LU’s College of Engineering graduates ranked first in state, 4th in nation for high salary earners

Lamar University's College of Engineering has earned high-rankings from the Department of Education's College Scorecard for producing career-ready graduates who are soaring in their early career earnings.

Mechanical, chemical and biomolecular engineering and industrial technology graduates ranked first in earnings after four years – outperforming every public university in Texas. At the national level, LU’s chemical engineering ranked fourth amongst all universities in the United States.

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“We are producing graduates that are career ready through academic preparation and through our relationships with the local industry,” Dean of The College of Engineering, Dr. Brian Craig said. “Through industry focused curriculum, plentiful internships and industry partnerships, our graduates enter their careers prepared to add value from day one, making them highly sought after candidates.”

The success of Lamar University's engineering graduates highlights the institution's commitment to providing a world-class education that prepares students for rewarding and financially rewarding careers.

“We are consistently working with industry leaders to understand what knowledge our students will use in their field and continually improving and modernizing our curriculum to ensure that our students are prepared,” Craig said. “We also ensure that our faculty have the tools that they need to educate our students.

Lamar University’s College of Engineering graduates also have the added benefit of working with the necessary equipment needed to succeed long before their graduation day, making for career-ready candidates. 

“We put a huge emphasis on exposing our students using the equipment that they will be using in the field,” Craig said. “Our facilities make this possible. We have recently added the Flowserve Educational Resource Center and the Emerson Advanced Technology Center that have technology that students will be using throughout their careers.” 

As the institution continues to nurture future engineers, it remains steadfast in its commitment to producing career-ready graduates who not only thrive in their chosen fields but also contribute significantly to the economic growth of their communities.

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