College of Engineering professor goes global, wins EuroSimE Award

Dr. Xuejun Fan

Mechanical engineering professor, Dr. Xuejun Fan, was awarded the EuroSimE Achievement Award in Graz, Austria for his fundamental research and industrial application in thermal, mechanical and multi-physics simulation and experiments in microelectronics and microsystems.

The EuroSimE is an annual international conference focusing on thermal, mechanical, and multiphysical simulations and experiments to meet research and development needs in microelectronics and microsystems. The award committee selects the best and outstanding papers and presents an Achievement Award to someone within the EuroSimE.

“It was a wonderful surprise to me to receive this call from the Netherlands. I felt honored and humbled knowing my colleagues and I are making significant contributions to the field,” Fan said. 

Fan specializes in the characterization, modeling and reliability of materials, components, and systems in micro-/nano- electronics manufacturing and packaging.

“Back in the 1990s, ‘popcorn’ failures of plastic-encapsulated semiconductor devices, referring to explosive failures during the manufacturing process, were attributed to water vapor bursts caused by residual moisture inside at elevated temperatures,” Fan recalls. “Since then, I have worked on this subject matter.”

Fan is a renowned scholar in his field, receiving multiple awards for his work in engineering, including TSUS Regent’s Professor Award, the University Scholar Award and the Distinguished Faculty Research Fellow.

The College of Engineering is proud to have illustrious staff members and continues to support their drive for exploration and innovation.

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