College of Business sets new initiatives for 2026 class of Cardinal Communities

This semester the College of Business Cardinal Communities class has taken on new initiatives to better help incoming freshman be set up for success. These classes, which are requirements for incoming freshman to complete via the university’s Passport Program, are a resource that has been available to students since 2017. In 2020, the College of Business saw great success in improving retention rates by making the class mandatory to incoming business freshman. This practice has since been adopted university wide.  The College of Business has continued to look for ways to improve the course and in 2022 has decided to incorporate a new program to continue to mold successful and prepared student s. One such initiative includes teaching Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students is a high-impact student success course that benefits students by helping them learn and retain skills that will help them throughout college and beyond. The course is designed to teach students to be engaging with their peers and instructors, improve persistence, strengthen their learning skills and increase their ability to retain information and complete tasks. The course is built on the ideals of Stephen R. Covey’s global bestselling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and was authored by Sean Covey and eight other leading academic experts.

Covey’s teachings are not new to the College of Business’ curriculum. The college has offered leadership courses and special workshops based on the program for many years to its undergraduate and graduate students.

The idea to bring this set of knowledge to Cardinal Communities was first brought forth by professor of management, Brad Mayer. Mayer, who teaches a CC class himself, is passionate about how helpful the habits are in forming a well-rounded person. “It is very exciting for the College of Business and the Cardinal Communities at Lamar University to offer the 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students. The habits are one of many leadership modules (called LeaderU) developed by Franklin Covey for University Students,” he stated. “The content will help Lamar University students become better individuals and more effective leaders. In addition, the LeaderU program hosted by Franklin Covey allows LU students to: improve their social, emotional and mental wellness; think about their future career and the skills they need to acquire; and earn various leadership certifications to build their resume and pass their knowledge on to others.”

The college’s Center for Student Success has been an integral part of the success of CC’s and implementing the new aspects of the program. Toni Mulveny, professor of business law and newly-appointed director for the Center for Student Success, has been impressed by the students’ response to the program’s teachings. "’Begin with the end in mind’ is particularly appropriate for our incoming freshmen. One of my students, after drafting his personal mission statement, commented that it was the most meaningful and worthwhile exercise he could do at this moment in his life. The 7 Habits program is a unique opportunity for our students to take definite and concrete steps toward a successful future both in college and in life,” Mulvaney said.

The College of Business and Cardinal Communities are both interested in seeing measurable results from in the incorporation of this content. Such results would include an increase in a student’s sense of community and campus engagement and, ultimately, higher student success. Faculty, staff and peer mentors of the College of Business were trained over the summer to facilitate and teach the ideals learned through the program. The college and its team in the Center for Student Success are continuing to develop the class in way that will benefit students as this new program progresses.