LU hosts annual Freshman Engineering Boot Camp

The Lamar University College of Engineering ushered in the fall semester with its 2nd annual Freshman Engineering Boot Camp, held Aug. 15-19. Formerly known as Math SMART Camp, the camp was open to all first-year engineering students.

Approximately 85 students attended this year’s boot camp, which featured daily math sessions provided by the LU math department faculty. Students were placed in the math class they would be taking in the fall, so that the class was tailored to meet the students’ needs, according to LU College of Engineering Dean Brian Craig.

“The Lamar University College of Engineering again welcomed dozens of future Cardinal engineers to summer 2022 Engineering Boot Camp,” Craig said. “The Engineering Boot Camp plays the critical role of honing the math skills of our future Cardinal engineers by providing them an often much needed refresher. When you think about it, many of these students took algebra three to five years ago. Math boot camp sets our students up for success as they start their freshman fall 2022 semester.”

But it wasn’t all hard work, the dean added. The boot camp also hosted a student organization BBQ (in which they were joined by engineers from Chevron Philips Chemical), a freshman design competition (students created cars out of various household items and competed to see how far they would race), movie night and relay race night. Current College of Engineering students who were co-oping this summer came for a panel about the co-op and internship program as well.

“Fun games and other activities were organized every afternoon for the campers to allow them to get to know their fellow campers as well as some LUCOE students,” Craig said.

Students also got expert opinions from ExxonMobil engineers, who held an information panel and helped the boot camp organizers judge the freshman design competition.

“Thank you, LU math faculty, LUCOE’s always awesome staff and student volunteers and our Engineering Boot Camp sponsors, Chevron Philips Chemical, ExxonMobil and Motiva,” Craig added.

For more information about the Engineering Boot Camp, visit the College of Engineering’s website.