Lamar University welcomes 18 new Ambassadors to the ranks


Lamar University has selected 18 students to serve as Lamar Ambassadors. They will join 22 returning ambassadors in representing the student body at official university functions during the 2022-2023 academic year.
“The success of many endeavors at Lamar University is due, in large part, to our collaborations with alumni, donors and community leaders,” said Shannon Figueroa, director of Lamar University Alumni Affairs. “The Ambassadors Program connects some of our most talented students with these constituents, strengthening vital relationships, highlighting Lamar University’s successes and accomplishments, and increasing opportunities for all students of the university.”
Lamar University Ambassadors are a select group of students who serve the university by staying informed about university activities, getting involved in leadership roles on campus, demonstrating school spirit, providing insight into current student culture, and sharing what life is like as a Cardinal today with alumni and community supporters, and representing the student body to visiting distinguished guests at alumni and executive level events.
“Lamar University Ambassadors not only maintain high academic performance, but also are very involved on campus and are well informed about the university and what it has to offer students, alumni and the community,” Figueroa said.
To serve as an ambassador, an applicant must be a registered full-time in-person undergraduate student, have completed at least one semester at Lamar University, have at least three full semesters left at Lamar University after the application deadline, and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.  Applicants must also submit a letter of interest, resume, faculty or staff recommendation form, and have approval from their college dean.
Newly selected Lamar University Ambassadors, listed by hometowns and majors, are:
BEAUMONT, Texas:  Amarie Guillory-marketing; Jacob Thompson-biology; and Madeline Tzul-psychology
BRIDGE CITY, Texas: Waverlee Cooper-biology
DESTREHAN, Louisiana: Jada Bowie-Coleman-American Sign Language
FANNETT, Texas: Chloe Raczkovi-interdisciplinary studies
FORT WORTH, Texas: Vavah Kamasa-Quashie-psychology
GROVES, Texas: Julia Barrett-interdisciplinary studies
HOUSTON, Texas: Folasade Asoro-public health in healthcare administration
KOUNTZE, Texas: Jacob Murphy-management
LUMBERTON, Texas: Conner Montgomery-chemical engineering
MUMBAI, INDIA: Zuhair Merchant-computer and information science
NEDERLAND, Texas: Lucia Ortiz-chemical engineering
NIGERIA: Tomisin Egbewale-computer science
PINEVILLE, Louisiana: Kalan Bonnette-mathematics and computer science
PORT NECHES, Texas: Jacob Smith-pre-nursing; Jonah Smith-mechanical engineering and communication; and Shelbie Williams-political science

  • Folasade Asoro
    Folasade Asoro, Junior
    Public Health Administration
    "I desire not to be a representative merely for the look of it, but to see how I can really use what I learn behind the scenes of this growing university, the opportunities I have been given, and the connections I make to hopefully establish similar opportunities for people while I am schooling and after I graduate. This reflects the essence of what I desire to do as an advocate and caretaker in the real world. As a Lamar University Ambassador I want to be able to encourage the creativity here, and in the most authentic way, illustrate the best of what we as a school and student body have to offer."
  • Julia Barrett
    Julia Barrett, Junior
    Interdisciplinary Studies
    "The Lamar University Ambassadors are prominent leaders at our university, and I have seen the ways these students influence and change their peers, the university, and our communities. I am grateful for all the opportunities this university has given me, and I want to play a vital part in promoting school unity, pride, and involvement."
  • Kalan Bonnette
    Kalan Bonnette, Senior
    Mathematics and Computer Science
    "As my number of free t-shirts might suggest, I [have] worked and volunteered at many [Lamar University] events, meeting even more people and finding non-work events to take part in such as intramural e-sports, Model UN, and the Undergraduate Academic Research Expo. I've spent many late nights on this campus because the events were so compelling."
  • Jada Bowie-Coleman
    Jada Bowie-Coleman, Junior
    American Sign Language
    "It is my desire to promote a drive for attaining higher education, and support for diverse individuals. Being a student Ambassador [gives] me the chance to give back to the school and to others around campus. I am passionate about spreading...awareness of what Lamar University exemplifies."
  • Waverlee Cooper
    Waverlee Cooper, Sophomore
    "Lamar is a prestigious university that offers diversity, opportunity, and knowledge. I have met so many amazing professors and students who are more than willing to help me through my college journey. LU is always looking for ways to improve the college life and experience for both on- and off-campus students."
  • Tomisin Egbewale
    Tomisin Egbewale, Sophomore
    Computer Science
    "The service and leadership skills that I have gained through my work experience, on- and off-campus involvement, and completion of the LU Lead program have all come to define my leadership journey and experience. I have grown to know the type of leader that I am; my communication skills have been sharpened, and my interpersonal relationship skills have also been heightened."
  • Amarie Guillory
    Amarie Guillory, Junior
    "While on campus, I had the chance to witness current Lamar University Ambassadors serve students, alumni, etc. through service, leadership, and scholarship, while displaying school pride and excitement. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by such driven students has influenced my desire to mirror such greatness."
  • Vavah Kamasa-Quashie
    Vavah Kamasa-Quashie, Sophomore
    "As a freshman trying to give myself some exposure and more leadership experience as well as involvement on campus, I [was] confident that this program would be a great fit for me. A program that builds fellowship with its community and alumni and represents Lamar University at community events and university functions is a place I [could see] myself planting seeds."
  • Zuhair Merchant
    Zuhair Merchant, Junior
    Computer and Information Science
    "I joined Lamar University in the Fall of 2019 and since then, the journey has been nothing short of brilliant. There have been many reasons for that, like the loving people at Lamar, helpful professors, and the spirit that Lamar carries within itself. Another reason for this wonderful journey is my on-campus involvement and familiarity with the university within 2 years of studying here." "Lamar University Ambassadors Program is a brilliant opportunity for anyone to get involved with other students on campus who are from various parts of the country and the world. This program recognizes brilliant minds, and just being a part of it [is] a fantastic opportunity for a student like me who always wants to get involved on campus, and by getting involved, also representing my country, India, on campus."
  • Conner Montgomery
    Conner Montgomery, Senior
    Chemical Engineering
    "My experience at Lamar has been a very personal and immersive journey thanks to those within the community. I have loved and gained a tremendous amount from my on-campus involvement with the university, and I plan on continuing to participate until my graduation in 2024."
  • Jacob Murphy
    Jacob Murphy, Senior
    "Many of my past professors have shown qualities that I hope to emulate. The ability to engage students has always been one of my favorite qualities of a professor. I hope to develop this quality to engage students at Lamar University, as well as the community of Southeast Texas, to live their best lives. Another quality that I have a great amount of respect for is the ability of some of my professors to be a visionary. My moot court coach sees my team's future successes and knows exactly how to prepare us to reach our goals. I hope that someday I will be able to inspire people to strive for their future potentials."
  • Lucia Ortiz
    Lucia Ortiz, Senior
    Chemical Engineering
    "It has been a pleasure to be a part of the Lamar University community these past couple of years and even more rewarding to experience the countless opportunities Lamar offers within their organizations. Throughout my academic career, I have participated in numerous events and involved myself with the many like-minded individuals whom I have learned from, welcoming a journey full of knowledge and remarkable experiences. I have been delighted by the inclusion of different backgrounds, cultures, and mindsets Lamar promotes...I would like to serve as a resource to the university by providing an exemplary image and sound guidance to the community, mirroring the support I have received during my time at Lamar."
  • Chloe Raczkovi
    Chloe Raczkovi, Junior
    Interdisciplinary Studies
    "The Ambassador program is a great way to connect and network to gain more knowledge in absolutely everything. By joining the Ambassadors, I [knew] my personality and ambition will push me to do the most by making Lamar an even better place for the current students and future ones too. I have absolutely no problem speaking in front of people, especially if my job [is] to brag about this school. All 3 of my siblings have attended Lamar University, and I continued that legacy because of the programs Lamar offers and the fact that your professors are always behind your back pushing you to do your best."
  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith, Junior
    "My goal before I graduate is to get as involved on campus as I possibly can so that I can work together with my peers for the elevation of Lamar University while also making the best of my college experience...This position [provides] me with a place of recognition where I can truly work with my other fellow Ambassadors to achieve whatever it is that we need to achieve in order for the campus to succeed. I believe that I can help make a difference, especially when it comes to school spirit."
  • Jonah Smith
    Jonah Smith, Sophomore
    Mechanical Engineering
    "[As an Ambassador,] I am able to put Lamar University in the best light possible, because it has been nothing but the best light for me so far. I can speak honestly when I say that Lamar is one of the best choices I have made"
  • Jacob Thompson
    Jacob Thompson, Junior
    "I find myself profoundly inspired by students and non-students who work hard to achieve goals beyond their own success. The impressive collaboration and community involvement both on- and off-campus shown by Lamar Ambassadors is what has drawn me to want to be an Ambassador so deeply."
  • Madeline Tzul
    Madeline Tzul, Junior
    "My first encounter with Lamar University was my freshman year at West Brook High School when the admission counselors visited my school. During the quick interaction, I knew Lamar University was an excellent fit for me, as it was close to home, gave back to the community I was raised in, and represented a strong Cardinal community."
  • Shelbie Williams
    Shelbie Williams, Junior
    Political Science
    "The Lamar Ambassador program is an excellent opportunity to showcase every positive attribute that a leader should possess. This organization flows with opportunities and networking like none other."


Returning Ambassadors are Luis Arevalo, Fannett, chemical engineering; Miguel Arevalo, Jr., Fannett, chemical engineering; Stephanie Barron, Groves, biology (pre-medicine); Taliah Belcher, Plano, finance and accounting (5-year MSA program); Aaron Bisnar, Beaumont, nursing; Britney Brevell, Groves, biology (pre-medicine); Annabelle Broussard, Labelle, chemical engineering; Sindi Castillo, Beaumont, biology (pre-medicine); Natalia Doiron, Beaumont, marketing; Kelvin Elgar, Beaumont, chemical engineering; Mindy Escobedo, Port Arthur, human resource management; Kaylee Goodspeed, Beaumont, psychology; Paul Ivory, Orange, chemical engineering; Caroline LeBlanc, Beaumont, chemical engineering (pre-medicine); Zaid Mohammed, Beaumont, biology (pre-medicine) Isaac Moreno, Harlingen, chemical engineering; Landon Richard, Fannett, human resource management; Stefany Rico, Beaumont, psychology; Jana Salibi, Beaumont, psychology (pre-optometry); Maissa Salibi, Beaumont, political science (pre-law); Ryan Shugart, Pasadena, electrical engineering, mathematics, and mechanical engineering; and Madison Taylor, Orange, nursing.

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