Lamar University Ambassadors

  • Lamar University Ambassadors Official Portrait 2019
  • LU Ambassadors assist with the President's Circle Dinner
  • Ambassadors assist with Science and Technology Building Grand Opening
  • Lamar University Ambassadors assisting at the 2018 Scholarship Recognition Dinner
  • Lamar University Ambassadors attend A Dinner and Conversation
  • LU Ambassadors attend New Ambassador Welcome Party
  • Lamar University Ambassadors assisting at the College of Business Hall of Fame Awards
  • Ambassadors assisted with the Distinguished Alumni Awards
  • Ambassadors assist at alumni art show at the Dishman Art Museum
  • Ambassadors volunteering at the Hope Center during the Big Event Seniors
  • Ambassadors attending a professional development workshop on social media

The Face of Lamar University

Lamar University Ambassadors have a rich tradition of promoting service to Lamar University and to the community at large. Ambassadors represent the Lamar University student body at official university events and work to promote university pride among students, prospective students, alumni and friends of Lamar University.

"The Lamar University Ambassadors are an outstanding representation of how we live our legacy everyday. They are vital to the formation of our future as they work with many of our alumni and friends who are dedicated to our success."

-President Emeritus Kenneth R. Evans

“The success of the many strong academic programs at Lamar University is due, in large part, to our collaborations with community and civic leaders. Our Ambassadors allow the university to connect accomplished students with these important leaders, strengthening these critical bonds and increasing opportunities for all students of our university.”

-Henry Venta, Professor, College of Business

“The student body of Lamar University is as deeply diverse as it is impressive. This allows Lamar University to provide an enriching and supportive environment for all of our students, regardless of their background or field of study. Our Ambassadors give Lamar University the opportunity to showcase our diversity and are welcoming to those who visit our campus.”

-Dr. Brenda Nichols, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

"Joining the Lamar University Ambassadors Program has been one of the best choices of my college career as I have thrived in an environment that fosters strong communication skills, provides opportunities for personal growth, and allows for students to connect with alumni and donors."

-Luke Nguyen, Lamar University Student Ambassador