Texas Academy student, SETX Legends scholar discusses award, future

When high school senior and Texas Academy student Adeline Tran got the call, she couldn’t believe it. It was mid-February and she had worked hard to apply for the Southeast Texas Legends Scholarship Honoring Wayne A. Reaud at Lamar University — a full scholarship for four years, covering tuition, fees, room and board and books.

There were many steps in the application process — a resume, letter of interest, recommendation letters and an interview. But it all led up to this; her moment was here. Tran was named a recipient of the SETX Legends Wayne A. Reaud Scholarship, which aims to help people of exceptional promise and critical financial need reach their full potential through education.  Adeline Tran

“I was so excited and I couldn’t believe it at first! I honestly still can’t believe that I got it,” she said. “I am beyond grateful and honored to have been selected!”

As a student at the Texas Academy — an accelerated program for gifted and talented high school students in Texas who desire rigorous academics, innovative research and service leadership opportunities designed to enhance student learning and leadership in a variety of academic areas — Tran has been exposed to the academic rigors of college academics and, through her experience, a taste for what life would be like at LU.

“Since I spent my junior and senior year here at the academy, I technically have spent two years (or four semesters) here at Lamar University,” Tran said. “I think these past two years really influenced my decision to come to Lamar University. I have absolutely loved my time here and I believe that I have had so many amazing opportunities here like becoming a tutor for Lamar University’s STAR services.”

She specifically notes her experience taking Honors Precalculus II in her first semester with Lamar University Professor of Mathematics Ted Mahavier.

“In that class, I not only got the chance to learn about the subject, but I was also given the opportunity to develop communication skills and other skills through daily presentations in the class,” Tran said. “He was also always there to help his students. I think that my experience with classes and professors like these at Lamar University really convinced me to stay.”

She looks to her bright future with big plans, including a double major in speech pathology and biochemistry with a pre-med degree plan. She also has a head start thanks to the Texas Academy, which has allowed her to obtain 70 credit hours upon graduation from high school.

“I hope to work in the pediatric field one and day and hope to become a pediatrician and have a clinic,” Tran said. “I’m also choosing to major in speech pathology, so I can become a pediatric speech pathologist if I decide to stray from going to medical school. But overall, I really look forward to working in the pediatric field one day. I can’t wait to see what these next few years have in store for me.”

For more information about the SETX Legends Scholarship, visit www.bmtfoundation.com/southeast-texas-legends

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